Alastair Borthwick – writer and broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick was an author, journalist, broadcaster, and a radio/TV producer. He was a man of many talents, born in Rutherglen and wrote about the area for quite some time. One of his hits was his novel called “Always a Little Further,” which documented mountain climbing known to the area as it was published in 1939 and critically acclaimed by fans and critics. It also spoke on the middle working class and others in poverty in Glasgow and Clydebank as some had a small amount of money and had time to go mountain climbing. Alastair Borthwick’s novel would become a hit with his interpretation of the people in the area as it also portrayed the change that was occurring throughout Europe. His style of writing and humor would make “Always a Little Further” a smashing hit.

Descriptions and depictions of interactions with others helped the book climb the ladder of success, along with mountain climbing details in it. Prominent individual E.S. Eliot was the one to help put the book into publication and it has since then been on the market. Alastair Borthwick was raised at Glasgow at a young age and at 16 years old he chose to drop out of high school to become an editor and writer for multiple publications. Much of his writing was featured in the newspapers on weekly basis, one of the papers he wrote for had a section called the “Open Air Page” as it documented outdoor activities native to the area. One of the activities he most enjoyed was rock climbing, which he would later write about in his book.

Later Borthwick would work as a reporter, before getting cut, but this let him visit other areas and go into radio broadcasting. BBC had set aside 15 minutes for Alastair Borthwick to speak about rock climbing. Many witnessed that he had a gift for radio broadcasting with his charm and calm demeanor. The radio broadcaster would then serve in World War II as an intelligence officer and wrote a book about his experiences from the war. Alastair Borthwick would continue his career as a writer and broadcaster before dying in a nursing home in Beith. He always wanted to be remembered as a writer with his talent.

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Wes Edens, A Financial and Sports Aficionado

Wes Edens, co-chairman and founder of Fortress Investment Group, graduated from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon in 1984. He went on to work with California Savings & Loan and worked for short amounts of time at both Merril Lynch and Smith Barney before joining Lehman Brothers in 1987. He was a managing director and partner at Lehman Brothers from 1987 – 1993. He went on to become a managing director and partner at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc where he headed BlackRock Asset Investors, a private equity fund. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Wes Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and has been a member of the management committee since then. He has been a board member since November of 2006 and has been co-chairman of the board since 2009. He is responsible for Fortress’s private equity and publicly traded alternative investment businesses.

Beyond investing, Wes Edens is an avid sports fan and is co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise, based out of Milwaukee, WI. He has co-owned the team long with Marc Lasry since 2014. The team is now worth nearly double what they put in as their original purchase investment. He also, along with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris, recently purchased the majority share in the English soccer club, Aston Villa.

In 2017 Wes Edens announced that he, along with Fortress Investment Groups, was forming a new eSports franchise called Flyquest. A team was put together to compete in North America’s League of Legends Championmore: ship. Mr. Edens, along with the entire Flyquest franchise, expect to lead the gaming industry, institute pioneering gaming practices, and help eSports grow in popularity around the world.

Wes Edens, financier, and sports enthusiast, is also a philanthropist with a history of giving to the educational, health, and art communities. He has given over 2.7 million to various institutions in his lifetime.

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Sunday Riley and the Solutions to Skin Blemishes

People have different types of skin. There are some with either oily, dry, sensitive or even a combination skin. All these skin types react differently to skin products. In addition to that, people face different types of skin disorders. There are those that have wrinkles, visible pores, cracks on their skins, peeling of the skin, acne, blackheads and so many more. These skin problems can really affect people emotionally making them have a low self-esteem. Lucky for them, Sunday Riley came with a solution to their problems.

She founded the Sunday Riley company which is a company that deals with the production of skin products. The products have been the solution to many skin disorders and have made many to have flawless skin. The company has embraced green technology which has come in handy in balancing scientific ingredients and herbal ingredients making the product’s skin friendly. Some of the brands produced at Sunday Riley include Tidal, Luna, Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser, UFO Ultra clarifying face oil and many more.

The products have received a lot of appreciation from customers and this has built a good reputation for the company making it very popular. The ceramic slip facial cleanser is a product designed to keep the skin moist and also removes impurities from the skin. It is rich in ingredients such as white clay, french green clay, bentonite and olive and oil esters which are rich in nutrients that help the skin glow and maintain the health of the skin. It is also friendly to the skin and does not cause irritation to the skin.

Another product produced by Sunday Riley (@sundayriley) is the UFO Ultra Clarifying face oil which is a product that was made to take care of skin disorders such as acne and skin blemishes. It contains salicylic acid which moisturizes and smoothens the skin preventing dryness and peeling of the skin. It works by cleansing pores and removes acne and blackheads living the skin flawlessly. It also contains herbal ingredients which are not harmful to the skin. It is without any doubt that Sunday Riley has made a big impact on people with skin disorders by providing solutions for them. Follow Sunday Riley on Instagram.

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Matt Badiali and Natural Resources Investments

Matt Badiali is a graduate from Penn State University. He holds a bachelors degree in sciences as well as a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology. He later joined the University of North Carolina to achieve his P.hD. Matt was introduced to the world of finance in 2004 by a friend who already had worked in the finance sector. The friend saw Matt Badiali’s potential and felt that Matt would make it in the industry.

Matt Badiali is a well-known person in the investing field. He has specialized in mining, agricultural, and energy. He has taken part in all areas of oil drilling as well as owning oil wells. In addition to this, he has evaluated mines across the world as a geologist.

Matt Badiali has become very successful because of his experience as an investor specializing in natural resources. Apart from the personally evaluating oil well and mines, he has interviewed many CEOs of mining organizations, professionals in precious metals as well as resource investors. Because of these activities, Matt is at the forefront of the current technologies, discoveries, and trends.

According to Matt, the oil price has never gone higher. He claims that Brent crude oil’s closing price was $86.20 on October 3 per barrel which had not been foreseen in June. The oil-rich countries of South America, the Middle East, and Africa claim that they will not cut the production of oil. It was the cut of oil production that saw the price of a barrel to go high.

OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is oil-rich nations’ cartel, and it has said that the market has a steady supply of oil. For these countries, there is always enough oil if the prices keep going up and the leading players in the sector seem to keep things moving in that direction.

In America, Matt Badiali has said that there is maxed out in production because of challenges in pipelines and transportation. The solution to such a problem is to come up with an efficient manner of oil transportation. It looks like the supply of oil will be tight for the rest of the year and the country need to concern itself with the demand.

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Who Is Gareth Henry?

Gareth Henry Is a HIV, LGBTQ civil rights activist who ran away from his hometown Toronto after being physically and verbally abused for being a homosexual man.

Gareth Henry was born and raised in the northern coast of Jamaica, his mother got pregnant as a teenager and he never had a relationship with his father. Henry’s sister grew up with their mother while Henry was raised by his aunt and grandmother in a modest family home.

During his teen years, Henry knew that he was gay but due to the abuse and harassment he saw other gay men go through he kept it a secret from everyone, including his family. When he was 15 he decided to leave home and be with his uncle, only now did he feel free.


Gareth Henry got his high school diploma from Titchfield High School then he moved out of his uncle’s house to live in the Jamaican capital, Kingston. He went to the University of the West Indies, and a community college called Excelsior. He got a masters degree in Communications for Social and Behavior and a masters degree in social work.

During the year 1997 Gareth Henry started doing volunteer work for the Jamaica AIDS support for life. This company is one of the biggest and oldest AIDS centered, non profit organizations in Jamaica. Gareth Henry also worked with other homosexual men and eventually the Jamaican forum for Lesbians, All-Sexual and Gays (J-FLAG) was formed as the first human rights organization for bisexual, transgender, and gay people in Jamaica.

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Aloha Construction- Top roofing and siding company in Illinois

Aloha Construction, Inc. is a bonded and insured general contractor dealing with siding and roofing services in Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Their main office is in Lake Zurich although they have another they built recently in Bloomington due to increased demand for their services. The new office has taken pressure off the Lake Zurich Office. Due to increased demand for their services, this company has to do a lot more to meet the needs of the customers. For the last one decade, they have become the top provider of roofing and siding services in this region. The company aims to give homeowners a taste of high-quality services and make them feel safe in their homes. After the recent stormy weather that was experienced in Northern Illinois, the company is now ready to handle all the new cases of roofing and siding that will be brought to them.




Aloha Construction has noted the need for home maintenance services in this region is necessary and have added a new department. In May, Aloha Restoration was established. This new department will be dealing with interior remodeling. The company has been offering these services for the past one decade, but they have never made it an official business. After hundreds of projects that have been carried out by their experts, they are now ready to launch remodeling services. According to the CEO, all these measures are being taken to keep the people safe in their homes. Aloha Construction has also launched a website that makes it easy for people to get quick assistance at all times.




Aloha Construction is a family owned business and was launched in 2008. David Farbaky assumed the role of the President then. Under his leadership, the company has been making good progress. From completing 7,000 projects in 2013, they are now doing 20,000.


Guilherme Paulus Tourism Company

Being born in Sao Paulo in 1949, Guilherme Paulus was privileged to study business administration and worked in the tourism industry for almost 50years. Due to his business ambition, he sought to start a company together with his business partner Carlos Vincente Cerchiari. They finally managed to establish a CVC tourism company. It was founded at Santo André, Sâu Paulo. Paulus was determined to make his tourism company thrive and to take it to greater heights. He ensured that he surpassed his competitors but creating a variety of travel packages. Due to his undying love and commitment in his work, he managed to make his company a prolific international tourism company. CVC is the leading retail tourism company in Brazil. This was due to the dedication of Guilherme Paulus.

Later on, Paulus sought more help. He was funded by an investment fund which gave a boost to his company to make it achieve greater heights. In 2013, it sought to trade its shares in the stock exchange. This move greatly helped the company to maximize on profits. Guilherme has the vision to open more stores every year in over 400 malls. Guilherme Paulus is an ambitious entrepreneur who is determined to take his company across Latin America with an aim of opening more agencies in the less dense areas.Being a successful company, Guilherme Paulus never fails to give back to society. It supports projects in the society which are beneficial especially to the youth.

One of the projects that has received funding from CVC is PIET project which is a charitable organization which is located in Foz do Iguaçu. The organization is responsible for training young people with important leadership skills in the tourism industry. In addition, it supports the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism famously known as Alfasol-Solidarity literacy. In all his projects, he ensures that to give young people opportunities to participate in various programs within the tourism industry with the purpose of creating entrepreneurs who can be able to achieve greater heights like him and have a positive impact to the society they live in. Truly, Guilherme Paulus is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a business role model too.

The Education Sector gets An App That Boosts Students’ Rational Ability

The education sector has received a new educational application that would bring a ground-up change in schools. The new application was created by experts from Musk’s Ad Astra School, and a team of software developers from ClassDojo, a principal software developer in the education sector.

Speaking after the release, Elon Musk said that the new app will offer students the critical skills they would have found in Ad Astra School, a private school that equips students with the skills they need to pursue their passion.

How will the education app develop a student’s critical thinking skills?

The education app works straightforwardly. It has an array of brainteasers that present students with an opportunity to hold meaningful debates under the guidance of their teacher.

Besides debating, the application encourages students to listen to each other while discussing, as well as welcome new opinions from their fellow students. Moreover, the new education application will allow each student to present his/her thoughts since its brainteasers lack a definite solution.

After the debate, the teacher will encourage students to share their views with their parents using the Student Story, ClassDojo’s student-parent communication platform.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is the brainpower behind the popular ClassDojo communication platform used by 2 in 3 schools. Unique from the ordinary educational apps, ClassDojo unites all stakeholders with the aim of creating a positive culture in schools.

Besides connecting students, parents, and teachers, ClassDojo boasts of an easy to navigate dashboard that requires no experience, an array of educational materials, and a console that safeguard user’s sensitive information.

How does ClassDojo communication platform work?

The application has a classroom where students learn crucial skills like empathy, leadership, team building, and other analytical capabilities. On the platform, students exchange ideas while teachers guide the students through various skills.

Besides the classroom, ClassDojo features the School Story platform which allows students, school administrators, and teachers to share their thoughts. Students use the platform to share their classroom moments with their parents, and school administrators use it to communicate with parents.

ClassDojo’s messaging platform allows teachers, parents, and administrators to discuss important issues. It excludes students.

Get Healthy Drinking Organo Gold Coffee

If you love coffee (and who doesn’t,) Organo Gold is a name worth getting to know. This is an amazing coffee that delivers superb health benefits to each person who brews a cup now and again. Plus, there is an opportunity to make money with the brand. Coffee and money are two of the best things in life. You deserve to find out more.

Social Media Fun

One of the best ways to better acquaint yourself with the Organo Gold brand is via their social media platforms. They use several, but Instagram is a favorite. Visit the IG page to learn more about the company’s history, the exciting coffee products available, and how to start making money selling Organo Gold. Many people consider this a once-in-all-lifetime opportunity and you certainly don’t want that to pass you by.

Fun Organo Gold Facts

Organo Gold is made using Ganoderma, a flavorless powder that creates the many health benefits the coffee brings. This powder actually enhances the taste of the coffee, creating an elaborate taste that helps your mouth explode with the perfect flavors. Enjoy a cup of Organo Gold morning, noon, or night and improve your health in the process. Organo Gold is unlike any other coffee out there today but who wants to use the same boring products time and time again when new discoveries are waiting?

The Bottom Line

Organo Gold is an affordable healthy, delicious coffee that deserves a spot in your life. Visit the Instagram page, visit the website, and take the time to learn more about this awesome coffee and the opportnities that it brings into your life. You will not be disappointed with the information that you learn when you check out Organo Gold and the benefits that it brings your way.

End Citizens United Fights For The People & Against Political Corruption.

You would have to be living under a rock in order to have completely escaped the political fallout of the 2016 Presidential Election. The nomination of Donald Trump, a reality TV star and wealthy heir, and corresponding election win over Hilary Clinton was enough to shock the world. That shock still lingers today but that doesn’t mean that groups aren’t mobilizing in order to try and fight back. The election of Donald Trump and his corresponding Presidency have painted one picture very vividly: there are corruption problems in Washington D.C. and a lot of them have to do with how dark money is flooding through every available channel and into the pockets of politicians everywhere. End Citizens United, a political action committee that focuses on grassroots outreach, is trying to close dark money loopholes but they are going to need some help. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

End Citizens United was established by Tiffany Muller, President at the PAC, in order to fight back against the 2010 Supreme Court ruling surrounding the Citizens United case. Citizens United, a Republican committee, argued that corporations should be considered people and that the millions and billions of dollars that they donated to PACs be considered an extension of their personhood. The goal here was obvious but the Supreme Court bizarrely ruled in favor of Citizens United, thus allowing corruption and dark money to instantly begin flooding into Washington D.C. The election of Donald Trump is just a natural continuation of that momentous and unsettling decision.

With all of that being said, End Citizens United has been working hard in order to support political candidates who are willing to put the clamps down on dark money corruption in Washington D.C. End Citizens United has come out in support of a variety of different politicians and they’ve thrown their networking skills and grassroots enthusiasm behind them. Of the many politicians currently surging as a result of End Citizens United, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be making plenty of noise. Ocasio-Cortez became famous for her support of Bernie Sanders-like policies and she excelled thanks to ECU’s support, thus propelling her over the top of her opposition, dark-money consuming Joe Crowley.

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