Bernardo Chua: Helping Improve People’s Health Through Ganoderma-Infused Products

Philippines native Bernardo Chua is a medical professional and multilevel marketing executive. After learning about the medicinal uses of the ganoderma mushroom from his Chinese grandparents, Chua was hired by Gano Excel to promote ganoderma infused coffee, teas and other consumables.

Chua has an engaging personality and a genuine desire to help people and excelled in his role marketing the products. Within a short time he had created a large and growing customer base for Gano Excel products in Hong Kong, other Asian countries, Canada and the United States. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

A few years after he began working with Gano Excel, Bernardo Chua took his message about the health benefits of the ganoderma mushroom to North America. Ever since he was a child and learned about all the ways the ganoderma mushroom is used in Chinese medicine, Chua wanted to tell the people in the Western World about it.

When he moved to California and was named Gano Excel USA’s president, he had the perfect opportunity. Chua recruited a networking army, taught them about the health benefits of the ganoderma infused Gano Excel products and unleashed them on the North American market.

Chua and his team had immediate success. The worldwide customers base for Gano Excel products grew wildly and Chua and the company won numerous awards. In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to leave Gano Excel and start his own company, Organo Gold.

This new company also produced nutritious ganoderma infused coffees, teas and other ingestible products. Chua has worked with top farmers to grow the highest quality ganoderma mushrooms possible. He also invested a great deal of time and money teaching people about the medicinal benefits of the ganoderma mushroom. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold and Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

The Organo Gold marketing network grew to over one million people and reached out to millions of customers worldwide. Chua, his nutrient-rich products and their health benefits have been talked about in media outlets like Direct Selling News, Marketwired and Cision PRWeb.

There’s also vast amounts of information about Chua and his companies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. In 2015 Chua changed his company’s name to ORGANO.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere’s Impact in the Beauty Industry


Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who has had a great impact on the beauty industry. She is the founder of Lime Crime which is a company in the line of producing unique cosmetics. Doe Deere founded the company in 2008 which specializes in the brightly coloured beauty products that were absent in the market at the time. She is known as a Unicorn Queen because of her unusual liking for rainbow colours. What’s more, she has highly influenced the beauty community by introducing the distinctive makeup line which has been a dream come true for Doe Deere.


Doe Deere’s childhood ambitions were to become a musician when she grew up. She was born in Russia and moved to the United States when she was 17. Further, she actualized her dreams of being a musician when she joined a music band in New York where she stayed. Also, through the music, she learned a lot concerning marketing and career altogether. Nonetheless, even though Doe Deere’s career in music was at the peak, she still had a stronger desire to pursue entrepreneurship.


Furthermore, Doe Deere lived in New York from 1998 to 2012 and then moved to Los Angeles where she founded Lime Crime. Again, her aspiration as a business person started in her teenage years where at 13 she already had a business of selling some temporary tattoos to her classmates. Moreover, the music platform not only enhanced her marketing skills but also earned her a husband whom she met in the music band. They were both songwriters and worked well together in promoting the band’s music.


Doe Deere’s advice to younger women is to go for what they desire in their hearts because she believes that everyone has a special gift that they can offer the world. Equally important, her idea to start a makeup brand began back when she was pursuing fashion. She attributes the idea as partly triggered by inspiration and partly necessity to introduce the new cosmetics. Deree felt different and finally decided to follow her desires which led her to open Lime Crime.


About Lime Crime


Doe Deree opened the Lime Crime makeup company two weeks to the Halloween of 2008. The unicorn colours were received well by the girls who embraced the new line of makeup. As a result, Lime Crime grew exponentially and became a market leader for the innovation of the unique beauty products. Again, the company pioneered the online selling of beauty products through the internet platform. It all started earlier when Doe Deree registered Lime Crime on eBay for her DIY fashion line.


The successful beauty entrepreneur further believes that makeup gives you the freedom to be yourself without fear or being apologetic to anyone. Deere has a background in the fashion which goes hand in hand with makeup and hair. She studied fashion design at FIT in New York where her idea of the makeup brand was born. In addition, Deere love for the unusual and outlandish colours have caught the attention of millions of fans in the world who have since embraced the Unicorn beauty products. Learn more:

The Career Of Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage was hired by 5 AM Ventures as a venture partner in 2003. 5 AM Ventures offers life science services that are on the cutting edge. During his career at the company, he made large contributions to its growth. He quickly moved up the corporate ladder to become a managing partner in 2004, and he’s still working in this position.

However, Scott Rocklage had a long career before 5 AM Ventures. In fact, he has been in the healthcare management field for several decades.

A Detailed History Of His Career:

His Educational Background:

Scott graduated from UC Berkley with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Then, he went on to get a P.H.D. in the field. He quickly began his career in healthcare management after his graduation. Read more: and

His Early Career:

He worked for quite a few different companies early in his career. Here are some of the healthcare companies that he helped to manage:

  • Nycomed Salutar: He worked as the CEO and president of this company. Nycomed Salutar offers imaging services and produces in-vivo contrast agents. In-vivo contrast agents are used for MRIs.
  • Relypsa: He worked as the executive chairman for this corporation. Relypsa creates polymer based agents, and these compounds can treat many different conditions.
  • Illypsa: He was the executive chairman at Illypsa. Illypsa develops products for renal care.
  • Catalytica: While he was at Catalytica, he worked in various R and D positions. Catalytica offers numerous pharmaceuticals.
  • Cubist Pharmaceuticals: He was the chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Cubist does a lot of pharmaceutical research, and there are numerous pharmaceuticals that they sell.
  • Entre Med: While he was at Entre Med, he was the executive chairman. Entre Med is well-known for their research.

His Board And Advisor Roles:

These are some examples of companies that he has served on the board of or acted as an advisor for:

  • Wave RX
  • VBI Vaccines
  • Pulmatrix
  • Novira Theraputics
  • Rennovia
  • Semprus BioSciences

Securus Technologies Keeps Inmates from Harm

Securus Technologies has made the paradigm shift to social entrepreneurship which is spreading like wildfire throughout the corporate world. Social entrepreneurship is the belief that a company can create and sell a product that not only adds value to somebody’s life but also fixes some moral evil. Corporations who have begun doing this have seen a vast increase in profits as well as consumer loyalty. However, companies such as Securus Technologies are not in it for the money alone; they honestly want to help their customer make the world a better place.


Securus Technologies is currently fighting against the evil of inmate on inmate crime which is the leading cause of death in correctional facilities throughout this great country. While they understand that they cannot eliminate it, they can reduce it significantly, thus saving many lives in the process.


Securus Technologies understands that inmate on inmate crime in our correctional facilities has skyrocketed ever since the introduction of the cell phone. These contraband cell phones allow inmates to communicate with each other secretly. Once communicating happens, the texts can be deleted. Even more importantly, these phones do not need paid plans. They can access Wifi and use social media to plan how they want to hurt other inmates. Securus Technologies went to work developing products to deal directly with these problems.


Securus Technologies’ product “Cell Defenders” was a godsend to customers. Testimonies say that this product allows them to discover the exact locations of contraband cell phones when they are in use. This is important since most inmates will not hide contraband cell phones in their cells. Once located, a customer may hack and access these phones to view any messages being received or sent. The last product, “Wireless Containment Solutions,” prevents any cell phone from accessing the internet.


Organizations that Advocate for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

There are numerous groups that fight for human rights all over the globe as they feel that standards have not yet been met in some places. Some may be governmental organizations while the majority are non-governmental. They mainly target those who may have fallen victim of any discrimination actions mainly due to their vulnerability. Education to these victims about all their rights is an important area to start from. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights

This is an organization that is a non-partisan as well as non-profit that was established in the year 1963. It mainly advocates for civil rights while aiming at eradication of racism. They also fight for equal chances for the minority groups in the society. This organisation focuses on the representation of the African Americans to get justice for the racism acts.

The Larkin & Frontera Fund

This organization was initially started by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey mainly to provide financial support to the other organizations that fight for the rights of immigrants. The duo decided to use $3.75 from the settlement they received after their arrest.

They were two reporters who had also been the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and the reason for their arrest was that they had published a story that revolved around the sheriff. Larkin and Lacey had spent the better part of their careers advocating for the amendment of the rights sued the county and later received the $3.75 which they have used since then to support various groups advocating for human rights.

The Advocates for Human Rights

This organization is actively involved in advocating for the protection of human beings and their rights locally, regionally as well as all over the globe. It obtains support from volunteers to improve the protection of human rights. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The rule of law is also what this organization fights for so that injustices victims are well-represented. This group has helped people from all walks for more than 30 years now.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

This group advocates for the protection of human and civil rights of immigrants. Its objectives are mainly achieve by employing advocacy, outreach as well as litigation methods. Mike and Jim, the main executive members, make sure that all immigrants obtain equal legal justice as the law stipulates.

All said and done, it is crucial to note that the fight for human, civil and the rights of immigrants necessitates the collaboration of numerous organizations and a lot of funds are also required for this acts.

Jim Larking and Michael Lacey are a great example of people who have dedicated their lives and resources to support such groups.

Hussain Sajwani; the Amazing Business Man and Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur who is an alumnus of the University of Washington but found his way back home to start his career. He founded his own catering company after serving as a Contracts Manager in GASCO. Sajwani is very perceptive and after identifying the market opportunities he is the owner of DAMAC properties which is currently one of the largest development companies in the middle east. The organization employs about 2000 people and is on the track records in the luxury real estate markets. There are plans underway for a potential initial public offer with possible IPO venues like the London stock exchange. There are also talks going around that the company might have market capitalization in single-digit billions of dollars though the value of the IPO is still yet to be announced. Learn more:



The DAMAC owner is among the pioneers of the property development market delivering portfolios to over 4400 units in the UAE. He himself built a number of hotels to cater for the property market expansion in Dubai and has entrepreneurial experience as he established his own catering venture in 1982. Hussain Sajwani has a track record of achieving success in the equity and capital markets. He holds investment portfolios of securities in both regional and global markets



Sajwnani’s relationship with Donald Trump goes beyond the professional to one of friendship. An example of a business deal with Trump is where DAMAC properties built the Trump International Course Dubai. The two families have been known to have dinners together. He reveals that his wife and Donald’s wife are quite close and have been known to occasionally send emails. Sajwani predicts a boost in business after Donald Trump’s election as the brand seems to have strengthened.


The Hussain Sajwani family is committed to philanthropy. The family has been supporting the Dubai Compassion Campaign which helps refugees across Lebanon and Jordan. His assistance to the UAE Government is reliant on his belief that it is the responsibility of the affluent in the society to help those who might be in need for example prisoners of war and the refugees. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital is a game changer in financial and philanthropic fields

Having been in the merger and acquisitions (M&A) market for 12 years, Madison Street Capital is able to analyze and come up with the best way to approach the needs of its clients. The firm is an investment banking firm which offers financial services like corporate valuation and financial advisory.

By making the client understand the actual value of the company which is very essential to get the right picture, Madison Street Capital’s primary objective is to assist the client in getting the best merger and acquisition advisory services available. The company’s other goal is to see the clients raise capital and finance correctly for the proper growth of their businesses.

Vital Industries is one company which was helped by Madison Street Capital. Through the expertise of MSC professionals, the sterile medical supplies company which has been in operations since 1984 was able to get a company to offer a loan to boost its operations. The operations manager of Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala won an award through the company’s excellent operations record. He was the forty under forty winner for the year 2015. The manager, a graduate, won the prize through his 14 years of experience and his leadership in Madison Street Capital.

In 2016, Madison Street Capital won the M&A Advisor awards as the top investment firm banking and also through facilitating an Industrial merger of less than $ 100 million value. The company continued with that trend, and after playing a significant role in restructuring transactions of cost below $25 million dollars, the company was awarded the Turnaround award in January this year (2017).

Through its merger advisory services, the company facilitated the merger between DCG Software value and The Spitfire Group. Not long after, WLR automotive Group had a sale-leaseback deal worth over $13 million which was facilitated by Madison Street Capital and SCF Realty Capital.

Apart from the providence of M&A services, Madison also offers helpful services through the American Red Cross and the United Way. Additionally, the firm had assisted in 2011 during harsh weather repercussions in Eastern and Midwestern America. Learn more about Madison Street Capital Reputation:

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 in Chicago, and its primary objective is to offer financial advisory, restructuring, acquisitions, merger, private placement memorandum services and valuation services to name just but a few. It helps both private and publicly owned companies.

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank that has employed highly qualified staff who understand the needs of the business people.

The staff is trained to offer customized services to their clients in a way that will address the individual needs of a business; this has made the company one of the best in the industry. It has been also one of the most resilient firms that have been able to overcome the challenges that the market faces.

The DACA program and its benefits

Over the past several weeks the DACA program has had to endure a wave of continued attacks from the many radical supporters of GOP. This brutal wave of attacks has had a ripple effect that has caught the attention of many organizations that support the rights of young immigrants in the United States of America.

It is important to note that the DACA program which stands for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has for many years championed for the rights of all undocumented youths who migrate to U.S.A. Many of this youth after crossing into the America face quite a number of challenges such as immediate deportation, unemployment, and the luck to education. This is where the DACA organization comes in offering some of its programs to try and eradicate some of those challenges.

One of the most important thing that DACA offers some of this youth who specifically meet some criteria that allow them into the country include an access to state tuition funds, though they are allowed to possess drivers licenses, work permits that are to be renewed after two years as well as being protected from deportation. Generally, the program protects more than 800,000 in America.

Important to note about these attacks have also seen people such as Ken Paxton the Attorney General from Texas write a letter to the White House which demanded the rescinding of the DACA program on 5th September. The latter went o to threaten legal action in case their demands were ignored.

This prompted an emergency meeting to be convened by the Hispanic Caucus with John Kelly who is the secretary of Homeland Security as such an action would put so many people in jeopardy.

The DACA organization has vowed to fight against this so as to continue to help the less unfortunate youths who migrate to the United States seeking better lives. To maintain its operations the organization has for many years depended on private funding from entities such as the Frontera Fund. This fund was begun by people, Larkin and Lacey.

The Frontera fund is worth more than $ 3.6 million and was started as a result of a settlement fee that covered for the human rights injustice that had been done to the two journalist founders. The fund helps fund many other organizations that also fight human injustices being done in the society. Therefore through its contribution, the fund has transformed the lives of so many immigrant youths in America.


Fabletics: How a Retail Website is Gaining Customers

Digital marketing has transformed so many industries in the world today. It has been widespread and common that almost all the brands today are focusing on them, especially on social media. Businesses rely on them so that they can generate traffic to their website, increasing sales slightly. Retail websites for example, earn from having them pages visited by customers who would make a purchase. Digital marketing has become an unstoppable trend, and experts say that this would continue for years to come. One of the businesses which relies on digital marketing is Fabletics, an online retail company which sells athletic clothes for women. Fabletics was founded in 2013, and one of its co-founders is Katie Hudson, a famous American actress and model. She founded the company with several others, but she also serves as the model and the face of the business.


Fabletics aims to provide stylish and affordable clothing to women who are into sports. According to the founders of the company, they noticed that giant sports clothing lines does not put emphasis on women, and there are only a few number of companies which offer athletic clothes which are comfortable, stylish and affordable at the same time. The founders of Fabletics thought that creating a company which would combine all three – comfortability, style, and affordability – would make an unbeatable company that will thrive.


The founders of Fabletics were right – as the company managed to become a multimillion dollar business in just a short amount of time. Because of the products that the company introduced to the market, so many people became interested and they began visiting the website to make transactions. One of the most helpful methods that Fabletics managed to develop for their advantage is the word of mouth marketing. In the beginning, there were only a limited number of people who knows about their website. Because of the quality of products that they are selling, and the easy to use interface of their website, satisfied customers who made a purchase told their friends and families about their experience. This sharing of experience would result to additional curious customers who would visit the website too. Repeating this process, Fabletics managed to create new customers just from the suggestion of their old, loyal customers. Fabletics had an idea that if they would allow their website to be transformed into an online forum, then more people would be interested in their products and it would result to more income.


Fabletics soon allowed the review feature to be added to their website, and this became a tool for their customers to voice out their opinion about the products that are being sold by Fabletics. Aside from the review feature that they have on their website, Fabletics is also being reviewed on third party pages, and they are receiving positive reviews as well. The reputation that the company managed to build online resulted to the multiplication of their customers, increasing their profit and sales significantly. Fabletics would never attain such quick growth if not for the help of the reviewers who put their brand name on positive light.

Nathaniel Ru: Helping Those Who Want Healthy Options

As more people have become health conscious, the restaurant industry has had to react to the things they are doing. Restaurants are no longer able to just put anything they want in the food without worrying about whether it is going to affect their business or not.

Nathaniel Ru knew this but he also knew he would have to make things easier for people as long as they were trying to find the best place to eat. It was something he had kept up with for years because of the way things were happening in the restaurant industry.

When Nathaniel Ru was in college, though, he found it was difficult to get healthy and affordable food options. He knew the food was not expensive so he wanted to do something that would allow him the chance to help other college students who wanted to eat as healthy as what he was eating.

Part of this is what made his company better than most. It helped him to make things right for people who were working toward a more positive environment while they were doing things the right way for the business they were trying to grow. Read more; Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

After Nathaniel Ru realized there were very few opportunities for those who were in these situations, he knew he would have to be the one who created the opportunities. He created a restaurant that was based on the affordability of a fast food restaurant. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Instead of offering junk food that would be detrimental to the body, Nathaniel Ru chose to offer food that was healthy and nourishing to the body. He knew this would be the right way to make things better for those who were working on their own health and fitness goals no matter how much time they had to spend on the things they were doing.

One of the things that Nathaniel Ru did was make sure his company was sustainable. By making sure that everything was lasting, Nathaniel Ru was giving people the chance to experience more. He wanted them to realize they would have a chance to try different things.

He often talks about how people need to ensure they are doing things that will last for a long time. This is a huge part of sustainability, and it is exactly what Nathaniel Ru is doing to ensure his company is the best for people who are in different situations.