Meet Troy McQuagge; the President and CEO of USHealth Group

There are very few specialists who have dedicated much of their energy and time to make health insurance sector better. One the few is Troy McQuagge who has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry.

Panama City is where Troy was born and raised. He attended the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree. After graduating, he was very optimistic that his career will be great. With hard work and determination, he has become one of the greatest CEOs in the world. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

After his education, Troy was employed at Allstate insurance company. He worked very hard and later he joined United Insurance Companies. Troy performance and leadership earned him a promotion, and he was appointed the president of United Insurance Company’s Agency in 1997. At UICI company, he worked diligently and helped the company make huge profits annually.

In 2006 UICI company was bought by investors and rebranded it to Health Markets Group. Troy was retained by the investors and made him president of the company in 2007. Troy worked hard, as usual, making sure the company was making profits, and it was consolidating its customer base. As a result, Health Market Group made over $1 billion sales annually.

Troy McQuagge decided to pick a challenge and moved to work at USHealth Group in 2010. He worked hard to transform USHealth Advisors. Troy re-structured the distribution agency and made sure UShealth Group was making more health insurance premium sales. As a result of his efforts and determination, Troy was made president and CEO of USHealth Group in 2014. Huge success and growth have been seen at USHealth Group under his leadership. No matter the high competition in the insurance industry, USHealth has been registering huge profits annually.

Excellence should be rewarded. Therefore, Troy has received very many awards to recognize him as one of the best CEO in the world. CEO World Award appreciated McQuagge as the best CEO who is innovative in Insurance and awarded him a gold award.

Later in Open Planet Awards, Troy McQuagge was recognized as one of the most influential CEOs. This was a result of his efforts to make health insurance covers available and affordable to many customers through USHealth Group. Troy said that that award belonged to every staff at USHealth Group as they work as a team.

One Planet Awards reward companies which have shown excellence in their performance. There are various categories that One Planet Awards focuses and they include executives, services, and new products.

This means Troy being awarded this prize; he had performed excellently. USHealth Group operations and services have improved under Troy leadership. It is not easy, but, McQuagge believes with teamwork and quality services, UShealth Group will continue to grow and expand.

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