How Does Steve Ritchie Hope to Win Papa Jones Customer’s Trust Back?

The pizza giant, Papa John is on a damage control mode after a series of unfortunate events. It started with being dropped by NFL as their official pizza to baseball disassociating itself from the global pizza brand. In effect the company sales tank, its stock prices plummeted, and the public turned away from the food company.

The company CEO has however come to the rescue of the company and his first action was an apology letter to all its global clientele. In here, he and the company endear the company to its clientele with the key message that the company has only changed for the better. But how does he plan to win back the papa johns pizza consumer’s interest and trust in the brand? Here is his strategy:

  1. By auditing the company culture

In the letter, Steve Ritchie revealed the fact that the company is evaluating is culture. He mentioned that his management team is on the verge of bringing on board an external team of experts to help audit the company culture and employee’s interactions with clients. Steve is confident that by exploring the company culture, they can help identify company strength so as to affirm them as well as weaknesses and come up with plans on how to improve on them.

  1. Hitting the road for customer feedback

Apart from the internal culture audit, Steve Ritchie mentioned that his team will be on the ground interacting with their franchises and employees. Like the audit, this interaction will help ring to the management team’s attention some of the challenges faced by their network of pizza joints and how to improve on them. Together with his team, Steve hopes to gain actionable feedback that they can use o better transform the pizza giant.

  1. Accepting for more accountability

Perhaps the most important aspect of the apology and company mission going forward is their commitment to accountability. While pointing out to the 120,000 people and communities the management actions and inactions have on, Steve Ritchie pointed out that his company is now open to accountability. He, therefore, welcomes its clients and product consumers to not shy away from holding the brand and its agents accountable for these actions and inactions.

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