Gareth Henry Has Brought Big Things To Investing With Actuarial Sciences

Gareth Henry has had a long and notable career in finances that he accredits in large part to the education that he received at Heriot-Watt University in Actuarial Mathematics. Actuarial Mathematics may attract a lot of people who end up working in the insurance industry, but he knows from experience that it can be applied to many different fields and careers such as those in finances like himself and technology. Many people overlook the many ways that Actuarial Mathematics can be used in life and he wants to encourage students to pursue a career with the degree.

This is why Gareth Henry recently funded a scholarship program at Heriot-Watt University in order to help these students progress through their careers with his support both financially and through mentorship. While funding is always important, the Gareth Henry Bursary Fund also offers its recipients the ability to speak to their benefactor himself and get advice for school and their career. This type of advice from a professional with as much experience as him is absolutely invaluable and students in the course at the school are excited about the possibilities that the bursary fund could bring them. Through proper mentorship, he hopes to be able to guide the students who have earned this scholarship through their careers.

After graduation, Gareth Henry was hired as an analyst for Watson Wyatt and remained with them until 2004 before moving on to SEI Investments for a year. This position led to leaving for Schroders where he was named their director in 2005. Deciding that he needed to have more adventure in his life, Henry made the move to the United States to work at Fortress Investment Group in New York. This move led to many different opportunities and he managed to raise billions for Fortress Investment Group. Not only did he show great talent for handling numbers, but he also showed that he is able to form strong connections with their clients and companies located around the world.

Currently, Gareth Henry is still in New York with investment firm Angelo & Gordon where he acts as their Global Head of Investor Relations.

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