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Jeff Herman On Bill Cosby & How the #MeToo Movement Helped Convict Him


Bill Cosby was “America’s Dad” for decades.But at eighty years old Cosby has finally had his day in court for the sexual assault charges that have been brought against him and civil attorney Jeff Herman thinks its about time.


Jeff Herman has made a career advocating for victims of sexual assault in civil trials for some time now and is the founding partner of Herman Law. Herman Law represents victims of sexual assault of all ages and specializes in civil suits against institutions that failed to protect victims they were responsible for. The firm, which employs several attorneys, has represented over a thousand victims and fights to get them the financial justice they need to help them get medical care, therapy, recover lost wages and gain a sense of financial security while they go through the process of recovering from sexual assault. Jeff Herman is experienced in sexual assault trials and has much to say about the Cosby trials.


A year before Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault he had a trial that failed to convict. Andrea Costand was the plaintiff in both of these trials. In her first trial she stood somewhat alone as none of the other 60-odd of Cosby’s accusers stepped forward to testify at that trial. Herman points out that the major difference between the first and second trials was the #MeToo movement that has exploded in awareness since the first trial. In Andrea Costand’s second trial she was backed up by five other victims who accused Cosby. These witnesses came forward largely due to the #MeToo movement’s de-stigmatization of sexual assault. Get Related Information Here.


In the first trial Cosby’s lawyers were able to convolute the issue of sexual assault using old tropes like “she knew what she is doing” that have worked to convince juries and judges that the victim of sexual assault was somehow the party at fault. #MeToo has made claims of surviving sexual assault more believable and when Cosby used a different legal team to present this same defense in the second trial the jury wasn’t having it and held Cosby accountable for his own actions.


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