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EOS Lip Balm’s Journey To Success

EOS lip balm is known for their ball shape, attractive packaging, and effective formula. This lip balm is also known for its sudden popularity, leaving many business creative and other individuals to wonder how EOS became so successful at the fast rate that it did. EOS realized that the lip balm industry didn’t have anything unique or exciting for consumers, as each stick of balm seemed to resemble the others’ shape; this gave EOS (acronym for the opportunity to create an innovative product for women to use in their daily beauty regimen.

Why did EOS lip balm specialize their product to women? Well, EOS did some research and found that although many other lip balms were presented to males and females, the majority of sales were coming from women, as lip balm had become a staple in their oral care. Realizing that they had the opportunity to tailor a product to women and make it something that was enjoyable (and cute), EOS made an innovative sphere-like product shape for its lip balm, followed by making flavors different than the typical cherry balm. Understanding how the chemicals found in beauty products can affect the body and environment, EOS set out to include organic ingredients in their lip balms, giving women something to smile about.

EOS chose to target women as their demographic, but they also chose to tailor their lip balm product to millennials, which was a step that was very beneficial in the making of their success. Asking beauty guru on Facebook and YouTube to include EOS in their cosmetic review and tutorial videos, this leading lip balm company reached many young females fast and efficiently. Women wanted the new buzzed about product, and since the beautiful new lip balm is effective and cost-friendly, many women still continue to repurchase it.