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Hussain Sajwani – Owner of DAMAC real estate company

Hussain Sajwani is an example of a man who made a name for himself through his passion and hard work acumen. The businessman stood out among all the children in school with his intelligence and hard work ethic, and it all paid off for him in the end as he got a scholarship to attend the University of Washington as he earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Fast forward to the present and Hussain Sajwani is now the owner of DAMAC, a real estate development company based out of Dubai that has completed many different projects and which has expanded to many different countries. Hussain Sajwani’s career began as he worked for a company called GASCO after graduating from college, but he soon became interested in catering and went on to develop his own company called DAMAC. The entrepreneur has also served food for people in the military and his company has expanded since starting out in Dubai. One of his gifts was seeing the potential of something before it happened and his thinking turned out to be correct as he invested money early on in his life before the real estate market boomed, and now it surely has a lot ever since. The DAMAC owner appreciates school for honing his skills needed for business and over time he continued to build towers and many apartments with the boom in the market. Now DAMAC has expanded with operations in the UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, UK, and more. Hussain Sajwani has also partnered up with many famous brands such as Versace and Ferrari to boost his revenue and become well-known. The DAMAC owner even worked with prominent golfer Tiger Woods to construct a golf course and he has completed many different projects over time. Business seems to be a natural fit for Sajwani as he can do no wrong with his creative vision and drive. Hussain Sajwani also enjoys giving back to the community as he sponsored a program called One Million Arab Coders Initiative, which gives young kids experience on the computers to learn important skills. The DAMAC owner has also donated his money to various charities and enjoys eating out, along with spending time with his children.

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