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Securus Technologies Keeps Inmates from Harm

Securus Technologies has made the paradigm shift to social entrepreneurship which is spreading like wildfire throughout the corporate world. Social entrepreneurship is the belief that a company can create and sell a product that not only adds value to somebody’s life but also fixes some moral evil. Corporations who have begun doing this have seen a vast increase in profits as well as consumer loyalty. However, companies such as Securus Technologies are not in it for the money alone; they honestly want to help their customer make the world a better place.


Securus Technologies is currently fighting against the evil of inmate on inmate crime which is the leading cause of death in correctional facilities throughout this great country. While they understand that they cannot eliminate it, they can reduce it significantly, thus saving many lives in the process.


Securus Technologies understands that inmate on inmate crime in our correctional facilities has skyrocketed ever since the introduction of the cell phone. These contraband cell phones allow inmates to communicate with each other secretly. Once communicating happens, the texts can be deleted. Even more importantly, these phones do not need paid plans. They can access Wifi and use social media to plan how they want to hurt other inmates. Securus Technologies went to work developing products to deal directly with these problems.


Securus Technologies’ product “Cell Defenders” was a godsend to customers. Testimonies say that this product allows them to discover the exact locations of contraband cell phones when they are in use. This is important since most inmates will not hide contraband cell phones in their cells. Once located, a customer may hack and access these phones to view any messages being received or sent. The last product, “Wireless Containment Solutions,” prevents any cell phone from accessing the internet.