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EOS A Leader In Lip Balms

For over 7 years EOS has been a leader in the lip balm industry. When they were first introduced celebrities and fans all over the world were seen carrying the bright colorful iconic eggs. Until now not much has been known about the EOS brand and its many creators and inventors. Throughout this article

The co-founders and managing partners discuss how EOS came about as well as how it became one of the most popular companies in the world.

Evolution of Smooth.Ca was first established when the co-founder Sanjiv Mehra was looking for a new way to change the beauty world. After much research and dedication he realized the lip balm industry was lacking in unique and interesting flavors and colors. Up until this point most lip balms came in the same flavor as well as the same kind of packaging. Mehra and his team wanted to offer a lip balm that was both unique looking as well as unique tasting.

Each and every EOS lip balm comes in a cool color and unique flavor. Some of the top colors include mint green, red, pink, blue and even white. Some of the more unique flavors include strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, tangerine, blackberry nectar, vanilla mint and vanilla bean. Aside from the great array of colors and flavors EOS offers a list of high-quality ingredients.

They are sold in a variety of different drug stores and pharmacies and are also widely available online on eBay and Amazon. With so many great products to choose from and such ease and convenience for buying them it is easy to see why EOS is a leader in the lip balm industry.