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Revelations from a Study Published on Onchotargets Concerning e-cigarettes

There has been a lot of debate with most people wondering if smoking e-cigarettes have the same effect as smoking the regular cigarettes. A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Rochester have put that debate to rest by confirming that e-cigarettes are as equally damaging to the oral health as the regular cigarettes. The findings were published on Oncotarget, a reputable review journal. The study was led by Professor Irfan Rahman, who is the head of Environmental in the university’s school of Medicine and Dentistry. It was the first study ever to be conducted on e-cigarettes to establish their effects on oral health at both cellular and molecular levels. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

E-cigarettes have continued to grow in popularity especially among the younger generation as they are perceived to be the healthier option to the typical cigarettes. Initially, most of the scientists believed that the smoke from the cigarettes was the cause of the main health effects, but data from recent studies suggests otherwise. Professor Rahman, who was the lead researcher, notes that when an individual smokes e-cigarette, it causes the body cells to release inflammatory proteins that in turn cause stress within the cells in the mouth leading to various health effects including damaging of the gum cells. Prof. Rahman has been involved in other similar studies including a study on damaging effects of e-cigarettes and their vapors to the lung cells.

Results from the study also indicate that flavorings on e-cigarettes made the damage on the gums even worse. Most of the e-cigars have a battery, a cartridge to hold liquid that contains nicotine, flavoring chemicals, and a heating device. Nicotine is detrimental to oral health.

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