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Guilherme Paulus Tourism Company

Being born in Sao Paulo in 1949, Guilherme Paulus was privileged to study business administration and worked in the tourism industry for almost 50years. Due to his business ambition, he sought to start a company together with his business partner Carlos Vincente Cerchiari. They finally managed to establish a CVC tourism company. It was founded at Santo André, Sâu Paulo. Paulus was determined to make his tourism company thrive and to take it to greater heights. He ensured that he surpassed his competitors but creating a variety of travel packages. Due to his undying love and commitment in his work, he managed to make his company a prolific international tourism company. CVC is the leading retail tourism company in Brazil. This was due to the dedication of Guilherme Paulus.

Later on, Paulus sought more help. He was funded by an investment fund which gave a boost to his company to make it achieve greater heights. In 2013, it sought to trade its shares in the stock exchange. This move greatly helped the company to maximize on profits. Guilherme has the vision to open more stores every year in over 400 malls. Guilherme Paulus is an ambitious entrepreneur who is determined to take his company across Latin America with an aim of opening more agencies in the less dense areas.Being a successful company, Guilherme Paulus never fails to give back to society. It supports projects in the society which are beneficial especially to the youth.

One of the projects that has received funding from CVC is PIET project which is a charitable organization which is located in Foz do Iguaçu. The organization is responsible for training young people with important leadership skills in the tourism industry. In addition, it supports the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism famously known as Alfasol-Solidarity literacy. In all his projects, he ensures that to give young people opportunities to participate in various programs within the tourism industry with the purpose of creating entrepreneurs who can be able to achieve greater heights like him and have a positive impact to the society they live in. Truly, Guilherme Paulus is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a business role model too.

Ted Bauman Gives Thoughts On Amazon

Amazon’s brand awareness and reach is enormous. A large percentage of the people on earth have heard of Amazon and many of them have made a purchase through the online retailer. It has grow from being a baby business that sold books across the internet to being a powerhouse of selling almost anything you can think of. The company has acquired other smaller companies and have tapped into new markets like clothing and grocery. Amazon has made its stamp on the world by priding itself on being a fast deliver of orders to customers. The company continues to push itself and step into new markets and industries. Some question Amazon’s motives. Some wonder if the online giant is aiming to create a monopoly for itself.

ail/submission/6455842/Ted_Bauman”>Editor and economist Ted Bauman

sees otherwise.

Ted Bauman is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. His newsletters reach hundreds of thousands of people. He has become a respected voice in the financial industry. He typically writes on stocks, security and other forms of investments for his readers. He has spoke several times about large companies and their effect on the economy.

Some have compared Amazon’s effect on the economy as the same as when Sears first launched its catalog in 1888. Nine out of twenty products that Americans are buying are coming straight from Amazon. Some economic experts are thinking Amazon will control half of the purchases done online in the next three years. A lot of people are thinking this will lead to a monopoly. Ted Bauman disagrees.

However, Ted Bauman does see some potential downfalls that the company cold face. He wonders about data security. Being a large company with a lot of data about customers could lead to a data breach. He also wonders if the government will get involved due to how Amazon squeezes suppliers to cut their prices. He also wonders if there will be a shipping rate war between the three main carriers as Amazon causes them to lower prices in order to be able to deliver their products. Only time will tell what will become of Amazon.

Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

An Explanation into Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Ever since Bayan Hill’s Matt Badiali introduced the concept of freedom checks to the world, there have been a lot of controversies surrounding the idea. In a popular commercial, Bayan Hill’s financial analyst Matt Badiali has been seen advertising a check which he calls the freedom check. In the vague commercial, he explains how that you can make huge amounts of money via that check. What most people do not understand is how exactly the money is earned so many have gone ahead to call it a scam.

What is a freedom checks ?

A freedom Check is a required cash payment that is made by publicly traded companies to its shareholders. What most people think is that Badiali came up with the whole thing; however, the truth is far from it. The freedom checks is based on a real investment strategy known as Master Limited Partnership which is common to very few investors. Matt only came up with the name.

How does the freedom check work?

In a Maters Limited Partnership, buying an investment means that you are acquiring a unit of the company. Therefore, when the company makes profits, a certain amount is given back to you as an investor. This may seem similar to any form of partnership but what stands out in this concept is that all Masters Limited Partnership company investors are exempted from taxation. This means that they enjoy all the benefits of regular partnership and in addition do not pay taxes on the money that they earn from this investment. The only instance that will warrant such an investor to pay tax is when they are selling their shares and the amount they pay is still very minimal compared to the other taxed investors. To many, this seems like a scam.

The idea of MLPs came from one of the presidents of the United States. In an attempt to encourage most investors to invest in the natural oil and oil industry, he exempted them from taxation. This is why most MLPs are in the natural gas and oil industries. The freedom check is the cash payment that these companies give their investors and can be cashed in banks or invested.

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Madison Street capital to expand into Austin Texas early next year

Expansions are a common phenomenon in business. Most companies see the need to expand when they notice that a particular area packs a lot of potential for them to grow bigger and broaden their horizons. It is for this reason that Madison Street Capital, an award-winning firm headquartered in Chicago recently announced its plans to move North East by setting up its branch in Austin, Texas.


Texas is rapidly growing, and its popularity as a business hub is fast spreading, prompting myriads of companies seeking growth to move there. It is home to some of the biggest name in tech, such as Dell, Whole food market, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Yeti and even apple. Even with this being the case, Austin continues to attract and accommodate businesses of all sizes thereby making it the ideal location for Madison street capital which operates in the area of investment banking as it will now be home to myriads of businesses, both established and startups seeking financial advice.


According to Madison’s Chief executive officer, Charles Botchway, who also happens to live in Austin, Austin is fast growing and Madison’s presence here will ensure that its client base gets access to their services without a strain. He further revealed that Madison wants to be part of the economic revolution that is about to take place in Austin. The move is expected to take place early next year as the firm is still reviewing different office locations and spaces that are set to open during that period.


More about Madison Street Capital


As mentioned earlier, Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago. With offices in different regions including Africa and Asia, Madison Street capital is renowned for its incredible integrity, excellence, experience and considerable expertise; traits that are quite hard to come across in the finance industry.


The firm specializes in areas of merger and acquisitions, financial advisory services, bankruptcy services, corporate governance, valuation of publicly and privately held businesses and tax compliance. Today it boasts a proven track record in the said areas and is famed for its ability to match buyers with perfect sellers and the vice versa continuously.


Additionally, the investment banking firm is known for adding a personal touch to all the services it offers to its clients, thereby taking the customer experience a notch higher. For instance, the firm’s skilled team of employees takes the objectives and requirements of the clientele into high consideration ensuring that they not only deliver but also meet and surpass the expectations of the client. Over the years, Madison street capital has served various big names in the corporate world such as Bond medical group, Fiber Science, Central Lowa energy and even DCG software value among many others. Many of the successful corporate mergers, partnerships, acquisitions and even valuations in the business world today can be attributed to the firm’s relentless efforts and skill in making things happen.


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Private Equity Investor And Brightline Train Service Owner Wes Edens

Wes Edens began his career in financial management in 1987 when he joined Lehman Brothers and later became its Managing Director and Partner before his departure from the company in 1993. He went on from there to become the Managing Partner at the BlackRock Financial Management firm, where he stayed until 1997. By the next year, he co-founded a private equity and hedge fund company called Fortress, which is headquartered in New York City and has offices all around the world.

Being an avid sports fan, Wes Edens became interested in acquiring sports teams so he could help them become more successful. He ended up purchasing a National Basketball Association team called the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million in 2014, and he made a promise to its fans that he would keep the team’s base in Wisconsin. Along with Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris, he also acquired a soccer team called Aston Villa, and he vowed to help move the team forward so they could regain the kind of success they had experienced in previous years.

His excellent business vision and strategic thinking led him to pursue another endeavor that involves state-of-the-art transportation in South Florida. The Brightline train service was an idea he came up with in order to provide a better way for people to get around that area of the state. The high-speed train made its first run from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in May of this year, clocking in at 80 mph. The ride only took 30 minutes one way, and it costs considerably less than what an Uber ride would cost for the same trip.

The Brightline train has comfortable seating, made of leather, as well as food service and free Wi-Fi for its passengers. It’s an ideal and affordable solution for commuters who have destinations that are too far to drive to but too short to fly to, and Wes Edens feels that this type of transportation service would work well in many other major U.S. cities as well.

Wes Edens received his business and finance training at Oregon State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1984.

Shervin Pishevar Details Why He Feels The U.S. Economy Is In Decline During Twitter Storm

The man who once led the impressive drive by Elon Musk to build the Hyperloop technology established by the SpaceX founder and now headed by the Virgin supremo Sir Richard Branson, Shervin Pishevar has recently detailed his belief in the failing of the U.S. economy. The experienced investor who led the rise of Uber spent much of his 21-hour Twitter storm detailing just why the U.S. economy is set for a nosedive it is unclear whether Pishevar feels it will recover from.

At the start of the Twitter rant, Shervin Pishevar set out why he feels the U.S. markets can expect a drop of around 6,000 points in the coming months and fall far behind China in the race for technological advancement. During the Twitter storm, Pishevar detailed the fact he felt the financial markets would be falling in the coming months because of a number of factors including the crumbling infrastructure of the nation.

A decline was a theme of the Twitter rant of Pishevar as he also stated his belief in the fact the days of Silicon Valley’s dominance were over due to the ongoing growth in technological advancement in other parts of the both the U.S. and the world. As an angel investor and entrepreneur, Shervin Pishevar understands the problems facing startups and tech companies from across the nation in the face of the five most powerful technology companies in the U.S. Pishevar believes the giants of Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft have too much power and are responsible for the slow rate of growth recently seen in Silicon Valley.

There are many other problems facing the U.S. economy but Shervin Pishevar restated his belief in the success which can be achieved when visionaries willing to put the hard work in over the coming years. Pishevar reserved his praise for SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Virgin Hyperloop One owner, Sir Richard Branson who he believes are working in the face of the derision of their more traditional rivals.

The Three Steps for a Successful Financial Plan with Richard Blair

Being an investment advisor is one of the best careers in the financial market, as you will help your clients with their investments and how to manage their capital. An investment advisor utilizes their knowledge of the financial market to provide the most up-to-date and efficient investment plans for their customers based on their current needs and desires. Do they prefer risk-free or risky investments, with short-term income or long-term higher payout? It all depends on the preferences of the client. Learn more:


Richard Blair is a financial advisor at Wealth Solutions, a leading company in the field that has helped many clients achieve their successful monetary state through the aid of the consultants of the corporation.


Being one of the most qualified advisors of Wealth Solutions, he has helped his clients manage and protect their assets by using the best available financial strategies and helping them grow with the firm. The decision to become a financial advisor has a lot to do with his family roots and his interest in the commercial market. Learn more:


With a consistent plan and a clear objective, Richard Blair is optimistic that every individual can reach their goal by investing the right way and in by searching for an advisor of expertise. With the help of a real professional in the area, anyone can find a strategy to save their assets, even if it is a small saving,


What matters, according to the professional, is to trust the advisor’s plans and to have critical thinking as well. His company, Wealth Solutions, makes their approach to customers through three main procedures to ensure success.


The first step when they build their financial plans for their clients is to let their customers design a specific goal and dedicate time into thinking how are they going to achieve that and in how much time.


The second step, also essential to a good strategy, is to then design the plan for their clients with long-term payoff in mind, based on the maximum amount of time that the customer is willing to devote to reach that goal, and try to achieve the best possible performance to make that objective a reality in that period of time. Learn more:


He seeks to meet the insurance needs of its customers, like life insurance and makes sure that this is well-met to the point that both the advisor and the client can start working on their financial plan right away.

High Car Payments Can Be A Thing Of The Past If You Work With Ignition Financial

Some don’t know the importance of refinancing their vehicle until they see that their payments are getting harder to pay every month. Even if you have a regular budget that you stick to, anything can happen to that budget, including the loss of money, which may make the budget harder to keep up with. If you are a person who has to stick to a monthly budget, then your car payment is very important. The standard car payments, including full coverage insurance will range from around $200 a month to $500 a month, depending on the type of credit rating the customer has and the interest rates they’re paying.


A person who has good credit may see themselves paying $100 a month for their car payments and another $50 or more per month for full coverage insurance, but these types of rates are rare and are only for those who have truly kept up their credit. Good credit can make everything easier, including refinancing a car, but don’t give up if you know that your credit isn’t perfect because refinancing is still a possibility for you and anyone else who has credit issues. If you want to work directly with Ignition Financial, then you’ll see a difference in your car payments.


Ignition Financial likes to fulfill the wish that people have when they ask, “can you slash my payments?,” which is a very common question that is asked because many want to save as much money as possible on their car payments. Since car payments are made on a monthly basis, the more money that’s cut from the monthly payments, the more money the customer will save on a yearly basis.


Some customers may worry about their credit and may not feel that getting their car refinanced is going to happen, but a lot of people have left Ignition Financial with a smile on their face because they got what they wanted. Not only are cars refinanced at Ignition Financial, they can also make sure that the terms are something that you’ll be pleased with, and you’ll be paying the minimum on your car loan with no markups that or hidden fees within the contract. Stop the high monthly payments on your current car loan by refinancing with Ignition Financial.