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Roseann Bennett Opens New Mental Health Facility, Brings Aid To Families In Need


For a variety of different reasons, there has been a renewed focus on the importance of quality mental health treatment throughout America. Roseann Bennett, a licensed therapist from New Jersey, saw firsthand how important mental health treatment was during her decade of work as an inpatient and out-patient therapist for families and marriages. Overwhelming the importance of her work was the fact that Roseann Bennett realized how difficult it was for patients in need to actually schedule the services that would assist them. As an outpatient therapist, Bennett realized that some of her potential clients were being forced to wait up to nine months at a time! As a result, Bennett realized that she could make a huge impact on the world if she simply started up her own practice, and that is what she did.

Roseann Bennett created the Center for Assessment and Treatment as a non-profit facility focused on providing mental health treatment to those in need, even if they could not afford to pay for the services. Bennett started up the company with little more than extra furniture from her home and a small office space. Equipped with a passion for the job, Bennett would end up working upwards of 11 hours per day, 6 days a week simply to see everyone who needed to be seen. Though this was obviously a tough schedule to stick to, the work ended up paying off for Bennett. After months of hard work, the Center for Assessment and Treatment has become an iconic establishment in New Jersey.

As an experienced therapist, Bennett knows that she needs to bring her best to work every time that she clocks in. For that reason, Bennett hasn’t slowed down in her efforts to champion new ways of treatment. Most recently, Bennett has begun to incorporate therapy dogs in her sessions in order to help children who are struggling to adapt to the therapy environment. Go Here for more information.

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