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Marc Beer Is Leading Renovia To Success

There are few other industries out there are complicated to succeed in as the biotech industry. Not only does it take all of the business and management skills that any company would take to run, but it also takes a lot of research and talented, dedicated individuals to get things moving at all. Renovia is a biotech company that was started up in 2016 by Marc Beer and two other partners. Today, Marc Beer runs the company as the Chief Executive Officer and has been avidly working towards the companies growth and funding for two years. In 2018, Marc Beer reported that the Series B financing run was a huge success and raised 42 million dollars for Renovia’s expansion and extended research. Renovia is a Boston startup with a medical focus on a particular disease affecting women, Pelvic Floor Disorder. Learn more:


Thanks to all of the funding that Renovia has received through their supporters, they have been able to successfully push Leva to clinical trials since they have been approved by the FDA. Leva is a digital health platform that women will use by actually putting the device on their body, as are the other products currently in development by Renovia. Pelvic Floor Disorder is actually quite painful and is accompanied by various other problems for those who are affected by it, which is why it is so important for Renovia to create a successful treatment out of all of this research and funding. Although sever problems are rarer, it is not uncommon for women dealing with Pelvic Floor Disorder to experience pain during sex and being incapable of voiding their bladder.


Marc Beer has talked about the latest technology that Renovia is using in their product Leva, the digital health platform. For now, Leva is primarily a sensor technology that allows it to gather information about the inside of the body, but more advancements to the technology are coming. Along with creating treatments, Renovia is providing women with many useful techniques that they can develop on their own to improve their conditions. Not only will this help them cope with their disorder, but it will save them much more complications in the future as well as money for health care costs.