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Chris Burch Touts Keys To Entrepreneurial Success

Chris Burch is about as successful of an entrepreneur as you are likely to find within the field. Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and the mind behind such big projects as the Nihiwatu luxury resort in Indonesia and the lifestyle brand developed by Ellen DeGeneres which is simply known as ‘ED’. As a globetrotting entrepreneur with his hands on many different projects, Chris Burch is in a unique position to share his success story in order to inspire others to follow along.

If you were to ask Chris Burch for his most important tip that can lead to success he would reply without hesitation. Burch believes that the most important aspect of being a successful entrepreneur knows how to read people, see ( Reading people has allowed Burch to constantly work with inspired individuals who are realistic in their desires and willing to work hard in order to make them a reality. Burch also knows that when you can read people, you can get away from potentially problematic investments.


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On top of being able to read people, Chris Burch believes that all entrepreneurs need to be able to take risks at some point in their career. Burch admits that he has failed thousands of times in all sorts of ways but that his continual willingness to risk it all to get back in the fold is how you make a ground-breaking decision, helpful source on Burch is happy with his failures as much as his success and he cites both as being integral to becoming the man that he is today.

As far as people who inspire Burch himself, two names quickly pop to mind. First, Burch found the way that Ellen DeGeneres connected with people as an inspiring trait that has helped to make her who she is today. He is also a big fan of Steve Ross, a real estate developer who is incredible with the small details, check