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Alex Pall Love for Music

The Chainsmokers are celebrating how they have had several top hits. They have collaborated with major names in the industry. They are working on releasing an album. But perhaps the biggest celebration that the two members of The Chainsmokers are having is how they are establishing their identity as a music group.

The two bandmates of The Chainsmokers is Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. They story of they met and formed The Chainsmokers started a few years ago in New York City. Alex Pall had always been a dj every since his childhood. It was his hobby. The hobby began to bud in New York City. It became a small career for him but doing side work in New York City won’t pay the bills. It can make you nervous living in a large and expensive city having a job that feels like a hobby. But even working a normal nine to five job, Alex Pall felt his love for music take over his life. He wanted to focus and pursue music seriously. The manager Alex Pall was working with then introduced him to Drew Taggart. Immediately, it was a hit between the two. They saw the common factor of both loving EDM and music. They began to work together. Drew Taggart moved to New York City full time. Alex Pall quit his job. The two joined forces to form what would launch to the world as The Chainsmokers.

The two bandmates began working from nine in the morning to well over in the evening. Everyday for several hours they spent their time making music and forming the foundation of The Chainsmokers’ identity. They did not want their djing career to feel like a job but they knew a lot would come with establishing their careers as true artists. They formed a set of core values at the heart of the band. They made sure to promise to themselves that they would also push themselves to become greater artists. Today, it is obvious that their hard work, dedication and values have paid off because these two are internationally known djs.