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Betsy DeVos, Learning and Liberation

Maintaining a positive and upbeat attitude can be pretty tough for people in the world these days. Turning on the news can be pretty dispiriting. Reading newspaper headlines can be just as disheartening. There are many people who learn about unpleasant things only to do nothing about them at all. There are a shining few, however, who go above and beyond to take initiative and attempt to change things for the better. Betsy DeVos definitely is an example of this kind of individual. Her husband is as well. Dick DeVos has been looking out for American society for decades. It all started back in Grand Rapids, Michigan decades ago, too. Lobbying in Grand Rapids has been part of Dick’s repertoire for a long while.


Betsy DeVos was a warrior while she was a youthful student at Calvin College back in Michigan. Her peers called her “Elisabeth Prince” back then. That was her moniker at birth, too. Although DeVos’ name is longer the same as it was years in the past, not much else about her has changed. She still manages to be an indomitable ball of energy. She rises in the A.M. with an appetite for positivity that has zero rivals. There aren’t many individuals who can top her devotion to excellence. There aren’t many people who can compete with her work ethic overall, either. DeVos has been happy to work as the Secretary of Education in the United States for a couple of years. President Donald Trump has been more than satisfied with her results.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been ticking for around thirty years now. People have been in the loop with regard to its not-for-profit activities since the eighties. Dick and Betsy made it come to life right before the nineties rolled around.


DeVos isn’t satisfied with mediocrity. That explains her passion for educational choice matters in America. Educational choice isn’t a light topic for many families in the United States. There are so many students in the large country who have to attend schools that simply aren’t suitable fits for them. Some parents have the means to cover private school tuition for children. Many others cannot. DeVos wants to change the face of education in the United States. She wants to end the hassles of the absence of educational choice. She wants educational liberation to be accessible to all pupils regardless of geography.


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The Education Sector gets An App That Boosts Students’ Rational Ability

The education sector has received a new educational application that would bring a ground-up change in schools. The new application was created by experts from Musk’s Ad Astra School, and a team of software developers from ClassDojo, a principal software developer in the education sector.

Speaking after the release, Elon Musk said that the new app will offer students the critical skills they would have found in Ad Astra School, a private school that equips students with the skills they need to pursue their passion.

How will the education app develop a student’s critical thinking skills?

The education app works straightforwardly. It has an array of brainteasers that present students with an opportunity to hold meaningful debates under the guidance of their teacher.

Besides debating, the application encourages students to listen to each other while discussing, as well as welcome new opinions from their fellow students. Moreover, the new education application will allow each student to present his/her thoughts since its brainteasers lack a definite solution.

After the debate, the teacher will encourage students to share their views with their parents using the Student Story, ClassDojo’s student-parent communication platform.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is the brainpower behind the popular ClassDojo communication platform used by 2 in 3 schools. Unique from the ordinary educational apps, ClassDojo unites all stakeholders with the aim of creating a positive culture in schools.

Besides connecting students, parents, and teachers, ClassDojo boasts of an easy to navigate dashboard that requires no experience, an array of educational materials, and a console that safeguard user’s sensitive information.

How does ClassDojo communication platform work?

The application has a classroom where students learn crucial skills like empathy, leadership, team building, and other analytical capabilities. On the platform, students exchange ideas while teachers guide the students through various skills.

Besides the classroom, ClassDojo features the School Story platform which allows students, school administrators, and teachers to share their thoughts. Students use the platform to share their classroom moments with their parents, and school administrators use it to communicate with parents.

ClassDojo’s messaging platform allows teachers, parents, and administrators to discuss important issues. It excludes students.