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Ted Bauman Gives Thoughts On Amazon

Amazon’s brand awareness and reach is enormous. A large percentage of the people on earth have heard of Amazon and many of them have made a purchase through the online retailer. It has grow from being a baby business that sold books across the internet to being a powerhouse of selling almost anything you can think of. The company has acquired other smaller companies and have tapped into new markets like clothing and grocery. Amazon has made its stamp on the world by priding itself on being a fast deliver of orders to customers. The company continues to push itself and step into new markets and industries. Some question Amazon’s motives. Some wonder if the online giant is aiming to create a monopoly for itself.

ail/submission/6455842/Ted_Bauman”>Editor and economist Ted Bauman

sees otherwise.

Ted Bauman is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. His newsletters reach hundreds of thousands of people. He has become a respected voice in the financial industry. He typically writes on stocks, security and other forms of investments for his readers. He has spoke several times about large companies and their effect on the economy.

Some have compared Amazon’s effect on the economy as the same as when Sears first launched its catalog in 1888. Nine out of twenty products that Americans are buying are coming straight from Amazon. Some economic experts are thinking Amazon will control half of the purchases done online in the next three years. A lot of people are thinking this will lead to a monopoly. Ted Bauman disagrees.

However, Ted Bauman does see some potential downfalls that the company cold face. He wonders about data security. Being a large company with a lot of data about customers could lead to a data breach. He also wonders if the government will get involved due to how Amazon squeezes suppliers to cut their prices. He also wonders if there will be a shipping rate war between the three main carriers as Amazon causes them to lower prices in order to be able to deliver their products. Only time will tell what will become of Amazon.

Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

Matt Badiali Vets Canadian Cannabis Potential for Safe Avenues to Profit

The cannabis and alcohol markets are about to have a baby. Constellation brand, the company that markets favorites like Heineken and Coors, is taking an initiative to generate needed growth by betting on the cannabis market. The alcoholic beverage producer will be marketing a cannabis-infused drink in coming months. Drinking marijuana is apparently becoming more popular than smoking, and a marijuana/beer hybrid may be exactly what the doctor ordered. The decision comes in the wake of Canada’s impending cannabis legalization, a development analyst Matt Badiali has been watching closely.

Matt Badiali is the investor most people know from his freedom checks commercials. A expert in the natural resource investment market, Badiali is always following the latest trends involving natural resources. Freedom checks for instance is an investment in oil and natural gas companies. Badiali also has strong recommendations for precious metals as well. As an expert investors Matt Badiali is dedicated to providing safe ways for average-level investors to navigate profitable fields like cannabis. A trained geologist, Matt Badiali travels all around to check up on natural resource operations. Looking at the way they do business to assess their reliability for the future. He also watches the numbers and right now they are good.

The impending full legalization of marijuana is already revitalizing some declining stateside companies. As not all Canadian cannabis is provided by Canadian-based companies, stateside business that also provide product will experience their own set of profits. This is why Badiali is finding investors safe places to put their money. Constellation brand is one of them. The companies numbers have already improved since its announcement of the cannabis-infused beverage. Normally, the announcement would not bear much pomp and circumstance as most states in the U.S. do not allow recreational use of marijuana. Legalization in Canada provides just the market such a beverage needs. Should the drink experience success it will inspire more companies to get involved. The potential is good enough to that many investors could double or triple returns. Either way the profits in Canadian cannabis are set to go up more than marginally. Finding a place to invest is a good plan to make.

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