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Boraie Updating New Brunswick – Next Atlantic City!

Omar Boraie began to create his vision for New Brunswick, NJ in 1972, at the young age of 29 years old. The dilapidated town was being deserted, but Boraie envisioned a future for this city, and put his heart into rebuilding the community.

The forty-year long project is nearing completion, and the vision Boraie saw four decades ago is becoming a reality and he is no longer being viewed as that “crazy-builder.”, says NJ Biz. Omar Boraie traveled to America from Egypt as a traveling scholar when he discovered a town he fell in love with and that was New Brunswick. View his full bio on crunchbase.

New Brunswick Project Nearing Completion

Boraie’s work began when he started buying the run-down buildings on Albany Street. Today the new structure is known as Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Brilliant dreamers are often told they are crazy, and “crazy” becomes the key word for “success”. The term crazy is like pumping adrenaline into the heart, waking up every nerve ending and injecting the energy needed for success.

Albany Street Plaza Tower One is 25-stories high, with 121 residential units and over 40,000 square feet of office units, plus 10,000 square feet of retail stores. Not to worry about parking as the office space, and residential units provide 400 parking spaces. The homes have amenities offering barbecue areas, pet walking paths.

The decision to move forward with Boraie’s New Brunswick vision is partially due to Johnson & Johnson’s decision not to leave the area, but stay and address the issues the city was facing. Dick Sellers, the president of Johnson & Johnson, deserves so much credit for this transformation of New Brunswick being the town you see today. Others involved in the transformation would be John Heldrich and John Lynch, and Mayor James Cahill. Also receiving accolades is Rutgers University, New Brunswick Development Corporation.

Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development has developed into the most sort after developers in New Jersey. Their projects attract financial support and long-term commitment to their vision. This development company is making the news on a regular basis with their Urban Development, New Projects Plans, Podcasts, and the Visions for a Rejuvenated Atlantic City.

Property Management

The visionary Omar Boraie is now 73-years of age and still dreaming big, hitting those visionary peaks, and continually planning for improving life for so many people.

Today Atlantic City is facing a financial crisis. The city has proven its vitality before coming back from previous economic difficulties, therefore, it is believed Atlantic City can make another comeback. The city is preparing to reinvent itself once more with plans to expand the Steel Pier. This Steel Pier provides entertainment, rides, food and beverages which bring people and revenue.

The Pier Shops cater to the 25-year-olds and beyond. Relaxed atmosphere and an area inviting for the “shirtless” sunbathing visitors.

Tropicana Casino has always brought people and revenues, entertainment and diversification in visitors.

Boraie Development will create the city’s Tourism Invitation. Boraie plans to build and improve the housing and retail development in Atlantic City.

These plans will undoubtedly launch huge interest in this dream coming to fruition.

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