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EOS – All Natural: Keeps Lips Soft and Smooth

EOS Lip Balm is a well-known product that has a substantial number of positive reviews. As stated by a customer on Influenster “I love the way these smell, and they leave my lips super soft and moisturized”. The EOS Lip Balm helps to keep lips hydrated which is paramount in the fall and winter months. A fair majority of the reviews favored the lip balm because it contained natural ingredients and did not contain parabens. The lip balm comes in an egg shaped container that makes it easy to find at the bottom of any purse or bag, according to a number of online reviews. This product has longevity, fair market value, and a wide assortment of flavors. The flavors most loved in the reviews for EOS Lip Balm are the Strawberry Sorbet and Mint, with a new flavor of Honey Apple that many are also favoring. EOS Lip Balm is definitely a lip balm that can be used on a daily basis without being exposed to harsh chemicals but rather natural ingredients, according to a number of reviews for the EOS Lip Balm. According the diverse positive reviews the EOS Lip Balm is widely accepted and is used by many.