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Who Is Gareth Henry?

Gareth Henry Is a HIV, LGBTQ civil rights activist who ran away from his hometown Toronto after being physically and verbally abused for being a homosexual man.

Gareth Henry was born and raised in the northern coast of Jamaica, his mother got pregnant as a teenager and he never had a relationship with his father. Henry’s sister grew up with their mother while Henry was raised by his aunt and grandmother in a modest family home.

During his teen years, Henry knew that he was gay but due to the abuse and harassment he saw other gay men go through he kept it a secret from everyone, including his family. When he was 15 he decided to leave home and be with his uncle, only now did he feel free.


Gareth Henry got his high school diploma from Titchfield High School then he moved out of his uncle’s house to live in the Jamaican capital, Kingston. He went to the University of the West Indies, and a community college called Excelsior. He got a masters degree in Communications for Social and Behavior and a masters degree in social work.

During the year 1997 Gareth Henry started doing volunteer work for the Jamaica AIDS support for life. This company is one of the biggest and oldest AIDS centered, non profit organizations in Jamaica. Gareth Henry also worked with other homosexual men and eventually the Jamaican forum for Lesbians, All-Sexual and Gays (J-FLAG) was formed as the first human rights organization for bisexual, transgender, and gay people in Jamaica.

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