Aloha Construction- Top roofing and siding company in Illinois

Aloha Construction, Inc. is a bonded and insured general contractor dealing with siding and roofing services in Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Their main office is in Lake Zurich although they have another they built recently in Bloomington due to increased demand for their services. The new office has taken pressure off the Lake Zurich Office. Due to increased demand for their services, this company has to do a lot more to meet the needs of the customers. For the last one decade, they have become the top provider of roofing and siding services in this region. The company aims to give homeowners a taste of high-quality services and make them feel safe in their homes. After the recent stormy weather that was experienced in Northern Illinois, the company is now ready to handle all the new cases of roofing and siding that will be brought to them.




Aloha Construction has noted the need for home maintenance services in this region is necessary and have added a new department. In May, Aloha Restoration was established. This new department will be dealing with interior remodeling. The company has been offering these services for the past one decade, but they have never made it an official business. After hundreds of projects that have been carried out by their experts, they are now ready to launch remodeling services. According to the CEO, all these measures are being taken to keep the people safe in their homes. Aloha Construction has also launched a website that makes it easy for people to get quick assistance at all times.




Aloha Construction is a family owned business and was launched in 2008. David Farbaky assumed the role of the President then. Under his leadership, the company has been making good progress. From completing 7,000 projects in 2013, they are now doing 20,000.


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