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How To Tell Who Your Frenemies Are At Neurocore

You are going to run into a lot of people at Neurocore who pretend to be your friend. They are called either frenemies or fairweather friends. I have met almost every kind of frenemy you could hope to find. I know all the signs to look for. Today, I am speaking about 3 signs specifically. You may have landed your dream job at Neurocore, but you still need to watch your back. Not every friendly face is going to be a real friend. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

1) They will talk behind your back. That is one sure-fire sign. You are not going to notice this right away because they are going to be kind to your face. However, watch what they do when you back is turned. Do you notice the one girl at Neurocore talking softly in the corner? Do you notice how she turns her head around to you and smiles? That, my friends, is a dead giveaway. You can bet that she and her friend are talking about you. I can say that because I have lived it with people I have known.

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2) You may notice some of your co-workers do not celebrate with everyone else at Neurocore when you do something good. There is a reason for that. They had secretly hoped they would be the one to get recognized. You did instead. They are going to be nice to you, but it is a fake nice. You should be careful when you see them do the fake clapping and smiling at one time. They are not on your side. Read more about Neurocore at

3) Some of your “friendly” co-workers might be passive-aggressive. They might also be very competitive. You need to be very careful around your “new friends.” They will stop at nothing to get to the top. They will sell you up the river without a moment’s notice. A true friend and co-worker will do nothing of the sort.

Watch your back. They might show your kindness, but it is a not a genuine kindness.


Ted Bauman’s Tips for Securing Liquid Assets

Banyan Hill Publishing writer and editor Ted Bauman has an enviable resume. His current specialty is strategies for protecting assets and investments with little risk. He still remembers what he learned working blue collar jobs at gas stations and fast food restaurants in his youth.

Bauman’s Background

A Washington D.C. native he went to the South African University of Cape Town where he earned his history and economics postgraduate degrees. He traveled all over Latin America and the Caribbean while working with Habitat for Humanity, and helped establish Slum Dwellers International which serves 35 countries and 14 million people. Now he has five ideas to secure liquid assets.

Lockbox or Safe at Home

Large valuable such as art or firearms should be kept in a bolted down safe that is both waterproof and fireproof. It is not ideal to leave the most valuable monetary possessions in your home, even though people like to keep them close. Ted Bauman recommends that you diversify strategies for preserving wealth and not keep all of your assets together.

Bank Safety Deposit Box

When it comes to liquid assets a U.S. bank’s safe deposit box is better for securing them than the home. They will be securely out of sight but easy to access when they are wanted. The downside is that Federal Deposit Insurance Corp does not cover them so they will need to be insured while they are stored. A recent financial crisis in Greece saw the government ordering banks to turn over deposit box contents. Ted Bauman feels that this should be taken into consideration even though it has never happened in the United States.

U.S. Located Independent Vault

Storage vaults not connected to financial institutions are another solution, these are not government regulated. Private vault companies do not have to surrender information about clients to the government. It would take a formal order from the court to reveal this information.

Foreign Country

Ted Bauman points out that Precious metals and cash do not have to be reported so you can store them with a foreign vault company. It is possible to get a vault customized to suit your needs, but you will pay a lot for it.

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The Inspiring Journey of Rebel Wilson

Two things make a movie worth watching- amazing cast and unmatched script. February next year, the cinemas around the world will experience one of the best movies in the recent past. Judging from the trailer that was released this month, ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ will challenge some of the film traditions in the world of romantic comedy. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

One of the notable people in this movie is Rebel Wilson. Together with other talented cast members, they will make Valentine day memorable. This particular film will be the first set of the movies under her name that will be out in 2019.

Rebel Wilson has one of the most exciting stories on why she is in the acting world. First, it is essential to acknowledge that she is from Sydney, Australia. The traditional Australian environment had an impact on her earlier career. She points out that her family created a perfect setting for her to discover her acting passion and more importantly her soft spot for comedy.

Many media outlets have described her as one of the funniest and talented people in the romantic comedy niche. Although she jokes that her family members think they are funny, she is grateful for the environment they gave her.

Rebel Wilson high school life was instrumental for her growth as an art lover. It was during this period in her life that she interacted with some of the best literature in the world of comedy. She attributes her love for acting to her high school drama teacher who not only taught her the act of owning a character but also improvising during acting. These two important factors have been with her, whether she is acting in a big budget film or an interesting show. It was during this time also that Rebel Wilson decided to pursue acting in university.

Her stay at the University of New South Wales was important to her in the understanding how the film industry works. Although the Australian life is slightly different from the USA, her stay at the prestigious university prepared for the new challenges. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

It is however in her stay at Australian Theater for Young People that she made her life-changing decision to pursue her dream in the USA. Since then, she has been part of the best romantic comedy shows, and she has continued to push the boundaries in this niche.

On 22 November this year, Rebel Wilson shared an inspiring story of an African girl, who was part of her empowerment program. In this particular tweet, she explained how excited she was about the strides the girl has made in her education.

This particular story is just a tip of the iceberg of how Rebel Wilson has continued to empower girl child in Africa to access quality education and eventually influence the society positively. The girl she tweeted about is part of the large community of African children she is investing on to access education. Through partnerships with schools in Africa, she is able to reach to vulnerable yet talented people.

Marc Beer Is Leading Renovia To Success

There are few other industries out there are complicated to succeed in as the biotech industry. Not only does it take all of the business and management skills that any company would take to run, but it also takes a lot of research and talented, dedicated individuals to get things moving at all. Renovia is a biotech company that was started up in 2016 by Marc Beer and two other partners. Today, Marc Beer runs the company as the Chief Executive Officer and has been avidly working towards the companies growth and funding for two years. In 2018, Marc Beer reported that the Series B financing run was a huge success and raised 42 million dollars for Renovia’s expansion and extended research. Renovia is a Boston startup with a medical focus on a particular disease affecting women, Pelvic Floor Disorder. Learn more:


Thanks to all of the funding that Renovia has received through their supporters, they have been able to successfully push Leva to clinical trials since they have been approved by the FDA. Leva is a digital health platform that women will use by actually putting the device on their body, as are the other products currently in development by Renovia. Pelvic Floor Disorder is actually quite painful and is accompanied by various other problems for those who are affected by it, which is why it is so important for Renovia to create a successful treatment out of all of this research and funding. Although sever problems are rarer, it is not uncommon for women dealing with Pelvic Floor Disorder to experience pain during sex and being incapable of voiding their bladder.


Marc Beer has talked about the latest technology that Renovia is using in their product Leva, the digital health platform. For now, Leva is primarily a sensor technology that allows it to gather information about the inside of the body, but more advancements to the technology are coming. Along with creating treatments, Renovia is providing women with many useful techniques that they can develop on their own to improve their conditions. Not only will this help them cope with their disorder, but it will save them much more complications in the future as well as money for health care costs.


The Chainsmokers React to the Track “Closer” Achieving Diamond Platinum

Two years after its release “Closer,” which has turned out to be the biggest hit by the Chainsmokers in their history has reached 10 million sales achieving the diamond certification status. This new milestone comes after Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) had back in March previously certified the much in demand track seven-time platinum. In an Instagram post, the Chainsmokers appear to announce this new development in a photo displaying the minted plaques credited to the track.

Posting on their Instagram page soon after the news broke out, the Chainsmokers relayed their excitement, stating the achievement of the track going ten times platinum was beyond their imagination. The song written in collaboration with another duo comprising Freddy Kennett and Shawn Frank at the back of a tour bus about three years ago was supposedly a fun record for the band’s friends to dance to and nothing more.

The band credits Halsey for adding her magic and helping the song reach its potential. Additional appreciations go to everybody who has shared this track making memories of the song over the last couple of years. The band promises some exciting tracks that are coming along shortly to their excited fanbase. A closer look at their fans enthusiastic Instagram activity shows the tracks’ recent achievement was a long way coming.

The track had raced to the top-ranked song on Hot 100 in the summer of 2016, staying at the summit longer than anybody expected. It also went on to control all music genre singles entries, achieving a feat of longest running number one hits only matched by few blockbuster releases in U.S history. Though the RIAA website is yet to be updated to indicate the new diamond platinum status of the song, it looks like just a matter of time.

In achieving its new diamond platinum status, the song has gone a long way in getting the Chainsmokers nominated for the Grammys award for the first time. The Chainsmokers have previously racked up top ten hits with other tracks, but “Closer” has gone on to Surpass all the other tracks making the Chainsmokers the new superstars.

Alastair Borthwick – writer and broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick was an author, journalist, broadcaster, and a radio/TV producer. He was a man of many talents, born in Rutherglen and wrote about the area for quite some time. One of his hits was his novel called “Always a Little Further,” which documented mountain climbing known to the area as it was published in 1939 and critically acclaimed by fans and critics. It also spoke on the middle working class and others in poverty in Glasgow and Clydebank as some had a small amount of money and had time to go mountain climbing. Alastair Borthwick’s novel would become a hit with his interpretation of the people in the area as it also portrayed the change that was occurring throughout Europe. His style of writing and humor would make “Always a Little Further” a smashing hit.

Descriptions and depictions of interactions with others helped the book climb the ladder of success, along with mountain climbing details in it. Prominent individual E.S. Eliot was the one to help put the book into publication and it has since then been on the market. Alastair Borthwick was raised at Glasgow at a young age and at 16 years old he chose to drop out of high school to become an editor and writer for multiple publications. Much of his writing was featured in the newspapers on weekly basis, one of the papers he wrote for had a section called the “Open Air Page” as it documented outdoor activities native to the area. One of the activities he most enjoyed was rock climbing, which he would later write about in his book.

Later Borthwick would work as a reporter, before getting cut, but this let him visit other areas and go into radio broadcasting. BBC had set aside 15 minutes for Alastair Borthwick to speak about rock climbing. Many witnessed that he had a gift for radio broadcasting with his charm and calm demeanor. The radio broadcaster would then serve in World War II as an intelligence officer and wrote a book about his experiences from the war. Alastair Borthwick would continue his career as a writer and broadcaster before dying in a nursing home in Beith. He always wanted to be remembered as a writer with his talent.

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