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Larkin and Lacey and the Power of the Press at Work

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were tired of the behavior of the sheriff’s department of Maricopa County, Arizona. The two residents were given a front-row seat to the rampant abuses of power and blatant racism of sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies. Stories of racial profiling, illegal search and seizure, illegal arrests and violations of the civil and even human rights of those in sheriff’s custody were everywhere. And Larkin and Lacey heard them all in their roles as co-owners of the media outlet Village Voice. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

So Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey used their best weapon to try and fight against these practices: They published news stories about it, recounting eyewitness reports and presenting what evidence they could uncover for the public to see.

It was Larkin and Lacey’s hope that these stories would get enough attention on the national level to force someone to do something about Arpaio. At first, they were experiencing limited success.

One person who did pay attention to the stories was sheriff Joe Arpaio. He wanted Larkin and Lacey silenced, which he thought would end the media scrutiny on him. It seems as if he was intent on arresting them, as he formed a Grand Jury in secret to investigate the two journalists, even though he had no evidence or even reasonable suspicion of any wrongdoing on their parts.

Larkin and Lacey uncovered the Grand Jury while reporting on Arpaio, though they did not discover that they themselves were its targets. They ran a story on the Grand Jury, adding it to the pile of Arpaio stories they published.

Arpaio saw his chance to pounce. Charging the two with obstructing said Grand Jury, Arpaio had Larkin and Lacey arrested on October 18th of 2007. Though he thought he had the two, Arpaio had just set the scene for his own downfall.

As Larkin and Lacey spent 24 days in Arpaio’s prisons, the nation began paying attention to his activities, both current and past. When Larkin and Lacey were set free when a judge declared the charges against them void, Arpaio was a household name and a face for discrimination against Latinos.

As Larkin and Lacey out their settlement money from the wrongful arrest to use in the form of the first amendment charity Frontera Fund, Arpaio has gone from sheriff to accused criminal to convicted criminal, but his sentence was overturned by President Donald Trump.

Matt Badiali Vets Canadian Cannabis Potential for Safe Avenues to Profit

The cannabis and alcohol markets are about to have a baby. Constellation brand, the company that markets favorites like Heineken and Coors, is taking an initiative to generate needed growth by betting on the cannabis market. The alcoholic beverage producer will be marketing a cannabis-infused drink in coming months. Drinking marijuana is apparently becoming more popular than smoking, and a marijuana/beer hybrid may be exactly what the doctor ordered. The decision comes in the wake of Canada’s impending cannabis legalization, a development analyst Matt Badiali has been watching closely.

Matt Badiali is the investor most people know from his freedom checks commercials. A expert in the natural resource investment market, Badiali is always following the latest trends involving natural resources. Freedom checks for instance is an investment in oil and natural gas companies. Badiali also has strong recommendations for precious metals as well. As an expert investors Matt Badiali is dedicated to providing safe ways for average-level investors to navigate profitable fields like cannabis. A trained geologist, Matt Badiali travels all around to check up on natural resource operations. Looking at the way they do business to assess their reliability for the future. He also watches the numbers and right now they are good.

The impending full legalization of marijuana is already revitalizing some declining stateside companies. As not all Canadian cannabis is provided by Canadian-based companies, stateside business that also provide product will experience their own set of profits. This is why Badiali is finding investors safe places to put their money. Constellation brand is one of them. The companies numbers have already improved since its announcement of the cannabis-infused beverage. Normally, the announcement would not bear much pomp and circumstance as most states in the U.S. do not allow recreational use of marijuana. Legalization in Canada provides just the market such a beverage needs. Should the drink experience success it will inspire more companies to get involved. The potential is good enough to that many investors could double or triple returns. Either way the profits in Canadian cannabis are set to go up more than marginally. Finding a place to invest is a good plan to make.

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Sheldon Lavin Exhibits Visionary Leadership Owing to The Consistent Success of The OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin and OSO Group relationship is an example of a long-life partnership with mutual benefit showing a lot of commitment and compassion. The entire life of OSI Group has benefited from the sound leadership skills of Sheldon, a man who saw it proper to donate his finances, brains, and experience for the good of the company.

Sheldon Lavin has always put his commitment to ensuring that the company maintains a sustainable food production. He has done this by incorporating the positive attributes technology in the ever-dynamic industry and accepting the challenges that come with it. OSI Group has continuously been the pacesetter in the food processing aspects of the industry, bringing to the market new products in the protein chain of foods that become the people’s favorite. Thanks to a leader who saw the need to employ endless creativity to remain at the forefront of the food industry.

Currently, OSI Group brags of being the incomparable and an enormous food producer globally. Its origin, traced from the time it began as a neighborhood butcher shop in the city of Chicago. Being a small but ambitious entity in the mid-1970s, it landed a deal with the McDonald’s Restaurant to supply fresh grounded beef. The agreement marks the turnover of events at OSI Group since their clients had many branches in the American Midwest States. The trade meant a lot to the OSI Group and brought the need to rise to the occasion of increasing the number of their products which eventually translated to more revenue for the company.

Sheldon Lavin did not rest despite signing a big deal with the McDonald’s. He instead adopted the new way of doing things and new technology to improve their service delivery and to reduce food wastages for the company. The initiative has seen to it that the company achieves the sustainability and environmental conservation goals of the company.

More About Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, the President of OSI International Foods Ltd, has seen the company grow since he participated in generating owner’s equity for Otto & Sons in the year 1970, a company that evolved to OSI Group. The long and impactful career has landed Sheldon Lavin several awards for his futuristic innovations in the food industry. The Awards include but not limited to the Global Visionary Award, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, and the American Green Business Awards.

Charlamagne Tha God Responds To Diss


Charlamagne Tha God was made it onto a record recently. He was one of the many people that were dissed by Eminem on his new album. Charlamagne Tha God was featured in the song The Ringer and not everything that was said about him was too flattering.


According to the song, Eminem said that Charlamagne was going to hate on what he said anyway so it does not matter what he says about him. According to Charlamagne Tha God, Eminem used one of his direct quotes in the song, so he is not going to consider it to be a diss. He is above hating but has stated that he does not care for the Revival track by Eminem. Read This Article for related information.


Eminem has been known to have some homophobic lines in his music and Charlamagne commented on them as well. While he was not directly affected by these lines there are many others that have been. He said that people do have freedom of speech and they can say what they want to.


Charlamagne also said that with the freedom of speech, people have the freedom to be offended. He said that when Eminem uses the homophobic words he is not just taking a shot at the person that he is mentioning. He is making fun of millions of people around the world. It does not seem like he really cares if he is offensive to that many people.


Charlamagne Tha God has also stated that he thinks it cool that he is noticed enough to have his named included in songs by well-known rappers. Earlier in his career, no one paid any attention to him. Now he is being dissed by a huge star in the rap world. According to Charlamagne Tha God, things are going well in his career to get this type of attention.


Watch Charlamagne’s video clip on—finding-success-in–black-privilege-.



Madison Street capital to expand into Austin Texas early next year

Expansions are a common phenomenon in business. Most companies see the need to expand when they notice that a particular area packs a lot of potential for them to grow bigger and broaden their horizons. It is for this reason that Madison Street Capital, an award-winning firm headquartered in Chicago recently announced its plans to move North East by setting up its branch in Austin, Texas.


Texas is rapidly growing, and its popularity as a business hub is fast spreading, prompting myriads of companies seeking growth to move there. It is home to some of the biggest name in tech, such as Dell, Whole food market, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Yeti and even apple. Even with this being the case, Austin continues to attract and accommodate businesses of all sizes thereby making it the ideal location for Madison street capital which operates in the area of investment banking as it will now be home to myriads of businesses, both established and startups seeking financial advice.


According to Madison’s Chief executive officer, Charles Botchway, who also happens to live in Austin, Austin is fast growing and Madison’s presence here will ensure that its client base gets access to their services without a strain. He further revealed that Madison wants to be part of the economic revolution that is about to take place in Austin. The move is expected to take place early next year as the firm is still reviewing different office locations and spaces that are set to open during that period.


More about Madison Street Capital


As mentioned earlier, Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago. With offices in different regions including Africa and Asia, Madison Street capital is renowned for its incredible integrity, excellence, experience and considerable expertise; traits that are quite hard to come across in the finance industry.


The firm specializes in areas of merger and acquisitions, financial advisory services, bankruptcy services, corporate governance, valuation of publicly and privately held businesses and tax compliance. Today it boasts a proven track record in the said areas and is famed for its ability to match buyers with perfect sellers and the vice versa continuously.


Additionally, the investment banking firm is known for adding a personal touch to all the services it offers to its clients, thereby taking the customer experience a notch higher. For instance, the firm’s skilled team of employees takes the objectives and requirements of the clientele into high consideration ensuring that they not only deliver but also meet and surpass the expectations of the client. Over the years, Madison street capital has served various big names in the corporate world such as Bond medical group, Fiber Science, Central Lowa energy and even DCG software value among many others. Many of the successful corporate mergers, partnerships, acquisitions and even valuations in the business world today can be attributed to the firm’s relentless efforts and skill in making things happen.


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