Month: April 2018

Michael Lacey: An Accomplished Mathematician and Professor

Michael Lacey is well-known in America as an expert in Mathematics. He was born on September 26th in 1959. He attended Texas University where he acquired his first degree in 1981 under the management of Walter Philipp. Lacey later joined Illinois University at Urbana Champaign where he gained a Ph.D. in 1987. He worked in many areas involving harmonic, probability and Ergodic theory. He held his first doctorate position at North Carolina University and Louisiana state university. While at North Carolina University, he worked together with Walter Philipp to proof the theorem of central limit. While working at Indiana University between 1989 and 1996, he began studying the transformation of bilinear Hilbert.

In 1996, Christopher Thiele and Lacey solved the transform of Hilbert which was a subject of guesswork by Alberto Calderon during that period. Due to their effort, they were granted Salem Award. In 2004, Guggenheim Fellowship gave him an award for his cooperative work with Xiaochun Li and in 2012 he became a member of American Mathematics Society. From 1987 to 2001, he held doctorate positions in different universities including Atlanta Georgia Institute of Technology, Chapel Hill, North Carolina University, Louisiana State University and he became a full mathematics professor at Atlanta Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael Lacey has received many honors from different quarters such as in 1990, he received NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, in 2004 received Guggenheim Fellow, in 2012 he received Simons Fellow, and in 2013 he won American Mathematical Public Fellow.

Together with Larkin, they have held many visiting and short-term positions in various universities such as a research professor in Schrodinger Institute in 2005, Helsinki University as a visiting professor in 2010, Wallenberg Fellow in 2015 and Ordway professor in Minnesota University in 2015. Michael Lacey was able to receive support from individuals and organizations through grant issuance from Simons Foundation he got $ 130,000, and he got $312,000 from NSF individual gift.

Lacey has also served as the director of teaching grants in MCTP awards and in VIGRE which have supported many postdocs, graduates students, and undergraduates. He guided many undergraduates who qualified to graduate programs. He also mentored his Ph.D. scholar who later went on to join job industries and higher academics, and he has also mentored many postdocs.

Adam Milstein Expresses His Views On JNS With Intelligence And Clarity

Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a real estate investor, serves Hager Pacific Properties as a managing investor and is an author on JNS. His most recent article focused on anti-Semitism. He spoke of the three sources as being the radical left, the radical right and the radical Muslim movements. The current tactics and ideas are causing a wave of racism, bigotry and hate. Adam Milstein spoke of the alliance between the radical leftists and the radical Muslims. He wrote about this group trampling human rights and minorities, executing gays, abhorring feminism and stoning women. He believes these allies have put aside their differences in favor of their common hatred for pluralistic nationalism, the Western influence, anti Semitism and freedom of speech.

The JNS article written by Adam Milstein discussed the warped view of the radical left. He stated Israel is targeted by Muslims and blames the Jews for every problem suffered in the Middle East. Linda Sarsour is an organizer for the Women’s March. She is a feminist leader despite the fact she admires the Sharia law. She praises the way Saudi Arabia treats women and is one of the left’s role models. The Tufts University’s leftist students declared Israel was a white supremacist state. The anti Semitism among the college leftists was exposed. The same rhetoric was used as by the Muslim groups. Adam Milstein revealed one of the writers of the guide declared this was not anti-Semitism because the author was Jewish.

The Chicago Dyke March expelled three individuals because their pride flags had a Star of David. The SlutWalk Chicago derided and condemned Zionists attempting to participate. Adam Milstein exposed all of this on JNS. Walkers have been encouraged to attend speeches by Palestinian terrorists who have killed Jewish students. The Jewish population of Iran saw the anti-Semitism and hatred of the West of the radical leftists during the Iranian revolution. They emigrated to Israel and the United States. Adam Milstein has written powerful articles on JDS. He has spoken of Islamic nationalists, Adolf Hitler, the Nazi influence and anti-Semitism. He believes these views are a threat to not only the Jews in America but all over the world.

Louis Chenevert as the CEO UTC

Louis Chenevert as the CEO UTC

Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. He successfully went through his education and earned his undergraduate degree in production management in HEC Montreal. On his graduation, Louis Chenevert spent 14 years of his early career days as a worker at St. Therese Production General Motors. Later Louis joined Pratt and Whitney business unit, which is part of the larger United Technologies Corporation (UTC). His journey as the UTC president is indeed remarkable. He worked at the Pratt & Whitney unit for six years, and his outstanding contributions saw him elected as the president of the division in 1999. Seven years later, due to exceptional service as the CEO of the Pratt & Whitney division, Louis was elected as the president and CEO of the entire United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Stewardship for the United UTC involves committing to investing mostly in the advanced technologies and people. Once he was elected to lead the corporation, Louis made his commitment to using his knowledge and seasoned experience to drive the company’s agenda. He vowed to elevate the company to a higher level. Such initiative should be the driving force of any person who assumes leadership of any organization. Louis often emphasized on the need of investing in the right technology and the right people. The combination of the two would take the company far.

To live by his principle, as the CEO of the UTC, Louis made much commitment in investing to people through his support to Employee Scholar Program. The program covers the employees who are interested in pursuing various educational courses. The program has seen a significant number of employees in UTC attain degrees in different fields. Louis Chenevert appreciated that the cost of investing in the program was worthy cost. His forward thinking as the CEO of the company has been of influence in furthering the organization’s vision. He is also an inspiration to many including his successor Gregory Hayes. He helped the company become a global investor with many investments across the world. Indeed, it is impossible to discuss any legacy of UTC without mentioning Louis Chenevert.