Month: October 2017

The DACA program and its benefits

Over the past several weeks the DACA program has had to endure a wave of continued attacks from the many radical supporters of GOP. This brutal wave of attacks has had a ripple effect that has caught the attention of many organizations that support the rights of young immigrants in the United States of America.

It is important to note that the DACA program which stands for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has for many years championed for the rights of all undocumented youths who migrate to U.S.A. Many of this youth after crossing into the America face quite a number of challenges such as immediate deportation, unemployment, and the luck to education. This is where the DACA organization comes in offering some of its programs to try and eradicate some of those challenges.

One of the most important thing that DACA offers some of this youth who specifically meet some criteria that allow them into the country include an access to state tuition funds, though they are allowed to possess drivers licenses, work permits that are to be renewed after two years as well as being protected from deportation. Generally, the program protects more than 800,000 in America.

Important to note about these attacks have also seen people such as Ken Paxton the Attorney General from Texas write a letter to the White House which demanded the rescinding of the DACA program on 5th September. The latter went o to threaten legal action in case their demands were ignored.

This prompted an emergency meeting to be convened by the Hispanic Caucus with John Kelly who is the secretary of Homeland Security as such an action would put so many people in jeopardy.

The DACA organization has vowed to fight against this so as to continue to help the less unfortunate youths who migrate to the United States seeking better lives. To maintain its operations the organization has for many years depended on private funding from entities such as the Frontera Fund. This fund was begun by people, Larkin and Lacey.

The Frontera fund is worth more than $ 3.6 million and was started as a result of a settlement fee that covered for the human rights injustice that had been done to the two journalist founders. The fund helps fund many other organizations that also fight human injustices being done in the society. Therefore through its contribution, the fund has transformed the lives of so many immigrant youths in America.


Fabletics: How a Retail Website is Gaining Customers

Digital marketing has transformed so many industries in the world today. It has been widespread and common that almost all the brands today are focusing on them, especially on social media. Businesses rely on them so that they can generate traffic to their website, increasing sales slightly. Retail websites for example, earn from having them pages visited by customers who would make a purchase. Digital marketing has become an unstoppable trend, and experts say that this would continue for years to come. One of the businesses which relies on digital marketing is Fabletics, an online retail company which sells athletic clothes for women. Fabletics was founded in 2013, and one of its co-founders is Katie Hudson, a famous American actress and model. She founded the company with several others, but she also serves as the model and the face of the business.


Fabletics aims to provide stylish and affordable clothing to women who are into sports. According to the founders of the company, they noticed that giant sports clothing lines does not put emphasis on women, and there are only a few number of companies which offer athletic clothes which are comfortable, stylish and affordable at the same time. The founders of Fabletics thought that creating a company which would combine all three – comfortability, style, and affordability – would make an unbeatable company that will thrive.


The founders of Fabletics were right – as the company managed to become a multimillion dollar business in just a short amount of time. Because of the products that the company introduced to the market, so many people became interested and they began visiting the website to make transactions. One of the most helpful methods that Fabletics managed to develop for their advantage is the word of mouth marketing. In the beginning, there were only a limited number of people who knows about their website. Because of the quality of products that they are selling, and the easy to use interface of their website, satisfied customers who made a purchase told their friends and families about their experience. This sharing of experience would result to additional curious customers who would visit the website too. Repeating this process, Fabletics managed to create new customers just from the suggestion of their old, loyal customers. Fabletics had an idea that if they would allow their website to be transformed into an online forum, then more people would be interested in their products and it would result to more income.


Fabletics soon allowed the review feature to be added to their website, and this became a tool for their customers to voice out their opinion about the products that are being sold by Fabletics. Aside from the review feature that they have on their website, Fabletics is also being reviewed on third party pages, and they are receiving positive reviews as well. The reputation that the company managed to build online resulted to the multiplication of their customers, increasing their profit and sales significantly. Fabletics would never attain such quick growth if not for the help of the reviewers who put their brand name on positive light.