Brian Torchin Role in Improving Healthcare

Medical professionals have a huge role to play in the community. These are the professionals who take care of our lives at all times. Because they understand the responsibilities and functions that take place in the market, these individuals have been coming up with inventions to make sure that they are facing less challenges in the course of their career lives. One of the people who are respected for the ideas they have brought in the market is Brian Torchin. His legacy will be remembered for decades because, apart from dealing with his patients, the doctor has also introduced a company to make medical professionals get jobs from the healthcare companies that will offer them the best compensations. This dream to introduce a modern healthcare staffing company was realized when he completed his studies. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

Like all medical students in the world, Brian Torchin went to medical school to get skills and help the patients who were in dire need. When he was done with his studies in chiropractic’s, the doctor was shocked to realize that getting employment was not a walk in the park for him or the other professionals who had just completed school. There were many medical facilities who were in search of various professionals, but getting these individuals was also a problem. After serving the healthcare industry for a short time, the doctor decided to use the modern technology to start a firm that would link all medical professionals with the healthcare jobs that were in the market. His company is known as HRC Staffing, and it is already very popular among the healthcare centers in the United States. Apart from giving all its stakeholders the best services, Brian Torchin has ensured that all of his services are affordable so that everyone can benefit. His patients, however, remain to be of utmost importance.

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Tempest: Utilizing Data in Healthcare


Eric Lefkofsky runs a company that is focused on health care, innovation and utilization of technology – Tempest. Eric’s company is growing at a very impressive rate and is producing studies and research that will serve as the backbone and future of medical technology. Eric Lefkofsky has used his extensive experience and knowledge on decluttering and organizing data of different companies. Eric has brought technologies into different businesses and industries who weren’t utilizing them to their advantage.

Medicine, healthcare, and the procedures involved employ a lot of data and information, and Eric Lefkofsky was surprised on how little of the data and information stay in the system during medical procedure. Information and data that can be useful to other doctors and health professionals in helping and aiding them in their own medical cases. And so Eric Lefkofsky decided that he should bring the logistical technologies that other industries were utilizing into healthcare to be able to help patients and doctors alike.

Tempest was built 3 years ago to help organize the data infrastructure in the medical field – Eric first focused Tempest into cancer-related data, and ultimately takeover all of health care procedures. Eric Lefkofsky’s main problem was how to discern which data to put in from the medical procedures because it involves a lot of factors from the patient’s information and history, the drugs involved and the procedures they were undertaking. Eric and Tempest fixed this underlying data infrastructure and filtered clinical data and information to gather the most critical data and input it into the system of Tempest. When they begin to sequence the information that they gather from the patients and the doctors, Tempest helps aid doctors and patients alike to understand the situations and the data that they gather can also be used by other doctors who are encountering a similar medical case.

Eric is very popular for investing in a lot of industries and different businesses like media, and business services. Eric Lefkofsky is also well known for investing a million dollars into what we know now as Group On, one of the fastest growing start up company.


Rebel Wilson’s Leading Role in “Isn’t it Romantic” Helps to Find Her a Valentine’s Date

Movie audiences have declared Rebel Wilson as an infectious comedic star that has put her in the category of legendary actresses, such as Lucille Ball and Gilda Radner. While those types of actresses built the foundation for Wilson to be able to forge ahead in the industry, she has taken the opportunity to make it her own. Her acting has been affectionately labeled as “Rebeliciousness,” due to her incredible unique style of comedic timing.

In “Pitch Perfect,” and as “Fat Amy,” Wilson played a hilarious role that she took to a new level of comedy. The film earned her nine nominations for various award categories and she won three of them, one of which was the Online Film and Television Award for “Breakthrough Performance.”

Her confidence in the role could clearly be seen on the screen and it was fairly obvious that she displayed the acting skills to continue in as many comedy’s as she desired. There are actors and actresses who just have that “thing” on screen, which people know when they see it. Wilson had it in spades.

Wilson was born in Sydney, Australia. Although many people would never guess, she was actually a shy child while growing up on the western side of Australia, which Wilson jokes as being “the ghetto side.” She describes herself as socially awkward during high school. It was her drama teacher, Mrs. Bowmaker, who was able to bring out the creative skills that led her to an acting career.

By the age of seventeen, Wilson discovered Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program, and she worked there for an entire year to further develop her craft. She says that’s when her “aha” moment came to light. Wilson enrolled in University of New South Wales and the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Some people may call it a transformation, but Wilson’s acting is more like an evolvement that has completely put her at the top of her acting career. In Wilson’s latest film, “Isn’t it Romantic,” she is portrayed as someone who doesn’t believe in “rom-coms,” and after a hit on the head that leaves her briefly unconscious, she finds herself right in the middle of a real-life experience that involves another couple. Read more: Rebel Wilson Reveals Character – Isnt Romantic and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer

Working alongside Miley Cyrus’s new husband, Liam Hemsworth, Wilson’s character “Natalie” is faced with the reality of finding love within herself while navigating the seemingly love and affection from others.

The romantic comedy gave Cyrus an opportunity to send a “shout out” to Wilson on Instagram. After Wilson posted that she had never been on a date on Valentine’s Day, Cyrus responded with, “OMG! Let’s be a tr-ouple! You can be our date!” Cyrus and Hemsworth were married in Nashville last month.

It’s fair to say that Wilson and Hemsworth already have chemistry playing their respective roles in “Isn’t it Romantic,” where the two share plenty of affection for one another and even a kiss. The playful gesture by Cyrus may be all in fun, but if there’s anything that everyone knows about Wilson, you just never know what might happen.

“Isn’t it Romantic” opens in theatres on February 14. It’s unclear which movie theatre the “tr-ouple” will be attending.

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Gareth Henry Has Brought Big Things To Investing With Actuarial Sciences

Gareth Henry has had a long and notable career in finances that he accredits in large part to the education that he received at Heriot-Watt University in Actuarial Mathematics. Actuarial Mathematics may attract a lot of people who end up working in the insurance industry, but he knows from experience that it can be applied to many different fields and careers such as those in finances like himself and technology. Many people overlook the many ways that Actuarial Mathematics can be used in life and he wants to encourage students to pursue a career with the degree.

This is why Gareth Henry recently funded a scholarship program at Heriot-Watt University in order to help these students progress through their careers with his support both financially and through mentorship. While funding is always important, the Gareth Henry Bursary Fund also offers its recipients the ability to speak to their benefactor himself and get advice for school and their career. This type of advice from a professional with as much experience as him is absolutely invaluable and students in the course at the school are excited about the possibilities that the bursary fund could bring them. Through proper mentorship, he hopes to be able to guide the students who have earned this scholarship through their careers.

After graduation, Gareth Henry was hired as an analyst for Watson Wyatt and remained with them until 2004 before moving on to SEI Investments for a year. This position led to leaving for Schroders where he was named their director in 2005. Deciding that he needed to have more adventure in his life, Henry made the move to the United States to work at Fortress Investment Group in New York. This move led to many different opportunities and he managed to raise billions for Fortress Investment Group. Not only did he show great talent for handling numbers, but he also showed that he is able to form strong connections with their clients and companies located around the world.

Currently, Gareth Henry is still in New York with investment firm Angelo & Gordon where he acts as their Global Head of Investor Relations.

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How Does Steve Ritchie Hope to Win Papa Jones Customer’s Trust Back?

The pizza giant, Papa John is on a damage control mode after a series of unfortunate events. It started with being dropped by NFL as their official pizza to baseball disassociating itself from the global pizza brand. In effect the company sales tank, its stock prices plummeted, and the public turned away from the food company.

The company CEO has however come to the rescue of the company and his first action was an apology letter to all its global clientele. In here, he and the company endear the company to its clientele with the key message that the company has only changed for the better. But how does he plan to win back the papa johns pizza consumer’s interest and trust in the brand? Here is his strategy:

  1. By auditing the company culture

In the letter, Steve Ritchie revealed the fact that the company is evaluating is culture. He mentioned that his management team is on the verge of bringing on board an external team of experts to help audit the company culture and employee’s interactions with clients. Steve is confident that by exploring the company culture, they can help identify company strength so as to affirm them as well as weaknesses and come up with plans on how to improve on them.

  1. Hitting the road for customer feedback

Apart from the internal culture audit, Steve Ritchie mentioned that his team will be on the ground interacting with their franchises and employees. Like the audit, this interaction will help ring to the management team’s attention some of the challenges faced by their network of pizza joints and how to improve on them. Together with his team, Steve hopes to gain actionable feedback that they can use o better transform the pizza giant.

  1. Accepting for more accountability

Perhaps the most important aspect of the apology and company mission going forward is their commitment to accountability. While pointing out to the 120,000 people and communities the management actions and inactions have on, Steve Ritchie pointed out that his company is now open to accountability. He, therefore, welcomes its clients and product consumers to not shy away from holding the brand and its agents accountable for these actions and inactions.

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With Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Among The Leadership Team, InnovaCare Health Has Continued To Blaze A Trail Of Innovation In Healthcare

Since 2012, InnovaCare Health has developed an impressive business model within the sphere of managed healthcare plans. Continuously striving to innovate and to change the way that healthcare payments are processed has been one of the defining features of the work that the company engaged in under the leadership of President and CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and Chief Operating Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto has been heavily involved in the healthcare industry for over twenty years now. He began his involvement in healthcare on the clinical side of the field before moving on to the operational and managerial side of things. His previous appointment before coming to InnovaCare Health was with Aveta. While at Aveta, Rick Shinto was that company’s Chief Executive Officer. Rick Shinto was also recently named to the list of the Top Twenty-Five Minority Executives in the Healthcare Industry for 2018. Officials at InnovaCare health proudly announced the fact that Shinto had made this list in a press release from February of 2018. The list is a way of honoring the best executives in healthcare that are of minority status.

InnovaCare has become a well-respected company within the healthcare sphere due to continued work toward being able to provide healthcare patients with the best value for their money. Joining the HHS Payment Initiative is one of the ways that the company is working toward doing this. This is a major initiative to reform the way that payments in healthcare are processed and it puts a significant emphasis on the concept of quality being more important quantity. Innovacare Health has also been fighting to bring improved healthcare to Puerto Rico. In this regard, Penelope Kokkinides recently met with President Donald Trump on this subject.

Similar to Dr.Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides came to the InnovaCare team with an impressive resume of experience. Her past experience includes serving on the executive management team at Centerlight Health. Penelope Kokkinides has been a critical cog in the administrative apparatus at InnovaCare Health since her arrival. She gets a great deal of enjoyment out of the fact that every day at InnovaCare Health is a new challenge. This is a fact that she strongly feels helps to keep her sharp as well as motivated. She is a constant student of her field and after all of these years and all of the experience that she has accumulated, she continues to read articles and books on a regular basis in an effort to continue to learn more.

Betsy DeVos, Learning and Liberation

Maintaining a positive and upbeat attitude can be pretty tough for people in the world these days. Turning on the news can be pretty dispiriting. Reading newspaper headlines can be just as disheartening. There are many people who learn about unpleasant things only to do nothing about them at all. There are a shining few, however, who go above and beyond to take initiative and attempt to change things for the better. Betsy DeVos definitely is an example of this kind of individual. Her husband is as well. Dick DeVos has been looking out for American society for decades. It all started back in Grand Rapids, Michigan decades ago, too. Lobbying in Grand Rapids has been part of Dick’s repertoire for a long while.


Betsy DeVos was a warrior while she was a youthful student at Calvin College back in Michigan. Her peers called her “Elisabeth Prince” back then. That was her moniker at birth, too. Although DeVos’ name is longer the same as it was years in the past, not much else about her has changed. She still manages to be an indomitable ball of energy. She rises in the A.M. with an appetite for positivity that has zero rivals. There aren’t many individuals who can top her devotion to excellence. There aren’t many people who can compete with her work ethic overall, either. DeVos has been happy to work as the Secretary of Education in the United States for a couple of years. President Donald Trump has been more than satisfied with her results.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been ticking for around thirty years now. People have been in the loop with regard to its not-for-profit activities since the eighties. Dick and Betsy made it come to life right before the nineties rolled around.


DeVos isn’t satisfied with mediocrity. That explains her passion for educational choice matters in America. Educational choice isn’t a light topic for many families in the United States. There are so many students in the large country who have to attend schools that simply aren’t suitable fits for them. Some parents have the means to cover private school tuition for children. Many others cannot. DeVos wants to change the face of education in the United States. She wants to end the hassles of the absence of educational choice. She wants educational liberation to be accessible to all pupils regardless of geography.


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What Is Organo Gold All About?

What is Organo Gold? And what is the history of the brand?

This Canadian company was founded in the year 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Chua saw an excellent opportunity to offer a special product, and he took that opportunity to form the Organo Gold brand. Chua has had much experience in network marketing before he created Organo Gold. In just a few years, he has turned this brand into a well-recognized name.

Organo Gold features products, namely coffee, that contain the ganoderma lucidum mushroom. Organo claims that the ganoderma provides a lot of health benefits. In fact, Organo is not the only one making these claims. Ganoderma has been regarded a sacred medicinal herb in Asian culture for centuries. It is well-known for it’s rumored ability to help control cholesterol.

Primarily, Organo Gold sells coffee that contains ganoderma extract. And since coffee ranks as the number two drink consumed by people in the United States, it is no wonder that Organo is capitalizing on this opportunity.

Organo doesn’t stop at just coffee. They also offer tea, hot chocolate, concentrated ganoderma capsules, hygiene products, and more. So even if you are not a coffee-drinker, you can still enjoy the ganoderma products offered by the Organo Gold brand.

Organo Gold products can be found all over the world. This includes the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and more places. In addition, the ability to join selling program is also offered in many countries all over the world.


Stream Energy : A Textbook example of how Corporate Charity is done

It wasn’t too long ago that the Texas coast was pummeled with heavy rains and destructive winds cause by one of the largest storms in recorded history, Hurricane Harvey. While many individuals and business owners were forced to evacuate and see their livelihoods be destroyed from a distance, one company, in particular, was getting ready to bring aid to anyone that needed it. Stream Energy is a service provider of fixed rate energy plans, through their charitable foundation “Stream Cares”, the company was able to allocate funds and volunteers to aid in the recovery efforts as well as to provide assistance to other organizations such as the Red Cross of America and Habitat for Humanity.

Stream Energy’s company culture has always focused on their philanthropic efforts and because of this, Stream Energy is one of the most respected and revered companies within their community. The company received extra attention during this hurricane in particular as they were seen by the media and other companies as the prime textbook example of how a company can leverage charity and philanthropy to boost their brand name value while still helping out the community. The Stream Cares Foundation is a relatively new concept for a large corporation, in fact, Stream Energy has made this foundation a separate branch solely focused on finding projects to be involved with. Creating this foundation has also come with its benefits, these include ensuring customer loyalty and essentially creating a buffer zone when things don’t go exactly the way the company wants it to go.

Much of their success with their philanthropy projects is due largely in part because of their associates and the Stream Energy business model. Through direct selling, Stream associates are able to create bonds and with the support of the company are also put in a better position to choose a charitable organization to volunteer their time to. One passion projects popular with Dallas-based Stream associates comes in the form of helping the homeless children of the city. These associates create events for the children, collect food, clothing and any other essentials needed for their lives.

EOS – All Natural: Keeps Lips Soft and Smooth

EOS Lip Balm is a well-known product that has a substantial number of positive reviews. As stated by a customer on Influenster “I love the way these smell, and they leave my lips super soft and moisturized”. The EOS Lip Balm helps to keep lips hydrated which is paramount in the fall and winter months. A fair majority of the reviews favored the lip balm because it contained natural ingredients and did not contain parabens. The lip balm comes in an egg shaped container that makes it easy to find at the bottom of any purse or bag, according to a number of online reviews. This product has longevity, fair market value, and a wide assortment of flavors. The flavors most loved in the reviews for EOS Lip Balm are the Strawberry Sorbet and Mint, with a new flavor of Honey Apple that many are also favoring. EOS Lip Balm is definitely a lip balm that can be used on a daily basis without being exposed to harsh chemicals but rather natural ingredients, according to a number of reviews for the EOS Lip Balm. According the diverse positive reviews the EOS Lip Balm is widely accepted and is used by many.